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June 2015

June 30

Dunsborough holiday rental owner warns of potential scam website busseltonmail.com.au

Customer scammed $20,000 after Telstra representative gives out personal details news.com.au

Consumer watchdog alarm as Perth man, 81, becomes WA's largest ATO scam victim watoday.com.au

June 29

Warning: ATO scam emails are back bit.com.au

Kimberley residents warned of phone scam about 'unpaid taxes' abc.net.au

Scam warning: Callers claim ‘arrest warrant’ for tax fraud northernstar.com.au

June 26

Bunbury customers warned about Aqwest scam bunburymail.com.au

Warning over money-making scams on lower north shore dailytelegraph.com.au

Nigerian scam victim swindles other investors to send $200,000 overseas smartcompany.com.au

June 24

Middle aged Australian women most at risk of internet scams: studyabc.net.au

Regional West Australian's warned against "free" laptop door-knocking scamcentraladvocate.com.au

June 23

Paws for thought in animal sale scamfrasercoastchronicle.com.au

June 21

Scam warning at tax time news.com.au

June 20

Cold callers are running a tax scam bordermail.com.au

ICAC claims RFS ‘scam’ cost $400,000 theland.com.au

June 19

Scams prey on minds of sick, elderlydailyadvertiser.com.au

AFP tried to stop 40 Australians from being duped into becoming drug mules by scammers abc.net.au

June 18

Man warns of scam after caller asked him to send a cheque dailymercury.com.au

June 16

Mandurah's top cop targeted in case of US identity fraudgippslandtimes.com.au

OPINION: Victims of scams deserve your support, not ridicule sunshinecoastdaily.com.au

Regional WA residents warned of 'identity theft' scam offering free laptops abc.net.au

June 15

Warning over possible laptop scam in WA 9news.com.au

June 12

Five more elite Melbourne schools caught in Scotch College get-rich-quick scheme heraldsun.com.au

Three men implicated in roof repair scam targeting Perth elderly sentenced abc.net.au

June 11

Overseas scam stings NZ firm for $NZ800k news.com.au

June 10

A tax scam hits Busselton busseltonmail.com.au

Warning of scam police emailsexaminer.com.au

Beware of scam letters claiming to be from Benson Charles & Associatesportstephensexaminer.com.au

Telstra Is Selling A Home Phone Designed To Stop Scam Callers lifehacker.com.au

June 9

ATO concerned by aggressive scam threatening arrest and legal action smh.com.au

Labour scam: Contractor pays fees less than minimum wagesunraysiadaily.com.au

Frenchwoman on trial for Chile 'magic cheese' scam au.news.yahoo.com

June 8

Redcliffe taxpayers hit with threatening fake phone call from scammer pretending to be from Australian Taxation Office couriermail.com.au

June 5

Phone scam doing rounds in the Clarencedailyexaminer.com.au

Real estate scam warning issued by Fair Trading goulburnpost.com.au

Warning over door-to-door bitumen scam as property owner left with shoddy work and big billcouriermail.com.au

June 4

A tax scam hits Margaret Rivermargaretrivermail.com.au

June 3

Tasmania Police alert over tax phone scam Perth Now

June 3

Tax telephone scam in Gunnedah nvi.com.au

June 2

Lengthy Bans For Six People Involved In Property Scamyourinvestmentpropertymag.com.au

ACCC issues scam warningaccountantsdaily.com.au

June 1

'A disgrace and a blight': Inside Australian call centres that want to rip you off Perth Now

May 2015

May 29

FBIsays text scammers are in Australia The West Australian

May 28

Mandurah business victim of illegal mailouts Communitynews.com.au

Police warn on business scams psnews.com.au

May 27

Boiler rooms have your private information and they’ll use it against you news.com.au

Scam Artist Reveals The Shocking Process They Use To Buy Your Phone Number 2dayfm.com.au

Residents warned of phone scam by ATO fraudsters in South Australia abc.net.au

May 26

Indigenous consumers at risk psnews.com.au

Former police officers under suspicion over Gold Coast boiler room scams that raked in millions of dollars abc.net.au

FBI: Victims of online fraud lost $800m to scammers last year cso.com.au

May 25

Police warn about bitumen scammers in Toowoomba thereporter.com.au

Romance scams, watch out for your money themorningbulletin.com.au

Man charged over car speedo scam mpnews.com.au

May 24

Senior police officer to lead welfare fraud taskforce to be established by Government abc.net.au

May 21

WA man loses $15,000 in 'Centrelink' scam news.com.au

Indigenous consumers lost $740,000 to scams last year accc.gov.au

YOUR LETTERS: I've won $24 mil lucky me... right? sunshinecoastdaily.com.au

May 20

Watch out for scammers, reduce risk murrayvalleystandard.com.au

Have You Ever Fallen For A Financial Scam? lifehacker.com.au

Scams and conmen on the rise coffsadvocate.com.au

May 19

Phishing attacks high on the scam list bankingday.com

May 18

Online dating scams top Australian financial fraud: regulator au.news.yahoo.com

Jobseekers targeted by scammers and defrauded on fake recruitment sites, NSW police say abc.net.au

Australia is the top destination for ransomware: Websense arnnet.com.au

Euro crims targeting Aussie web usersnews.com.au

Lonely hearts the biggest victim of scams, says the ACCC smh.com.au

Lonely hearts in Canberra scammed out of more than $1 million canberratimes.com.au

May 16

Canberra fish seller lost thousands in $40m South African cash move canberratimes.com.au

May 15

Melb scammer jailed over $4m Ponzi scheme au.news.yahoo.com

May 11

Wife 'suspicious' of visa marriage scam 9news.com.au

May 8

Gold Coast a fraud mecca: police 9news.com.au

Arrest over 'boiler room' telemarketing scam that allegedly conned 19 people out of $470,000 abc.net.au

'Lifetime' Netflix subscriptions: why buying from scammers isn't worth it smh.com.au

May 7

Police warn of scammers’ latest 'excess GST' phone scam sunshinecoastdaily.com.au

Traffic fine scam targets Canberra drivers again - as well as policecanberratimes.com.au

Police warn on dodgy tax collectors psnews.com.au

Gold Coast private investigator to appear in court over alleged Plus One Companions service scam abc.net.au

May 6

Heartless scam preying on flood victims caboolturenews.com.au

May 4

Would you be able to tell whether it is the ATO calling you or a scammer? blogs.abc.net.au

May 2

Phone scam hits Glen Waverley area theage.com.au

May 1

Scam threatens older residents with tax fraud prosecution brisbanetimes.com.au

April 2015

April 30 Heartless scam catches punters heading to Groovin the Moo tonedeaf.com.au

April 30 Conmen jailed after selling fake Gumtree items frasercoastchronicle.com.au

April 23 Hang up on an immigration scam accc.gov.au

April 22 SES warns of ‘donation’ scam as fraudsters take advantage of disaster news.com.au

April 21 'Pay or go to jail' scam spreads thechronicle.com.au

April 18 Students warned of rights after rental scam sunraysiadaily.com.au

April 16 Victim of cruel love scam turns tables on fake soldier 9news.com.au

April 16 Asphalt scam doing the rounds bordermail.com.au

April 16 'Ian Frazer' scam targets Brisbane residents brisbanetimes.com.au

April 15 Woman charged after alleged dead baby scam in Maryborough frasercoastchronicle.com.au

April 15 “Phishing” scam increasing in public Wi-Fi networks training.com.au

April 15 Man faces 87 charges over online pensioner scam theage.com.au

April 13 Phone Scammers Are Now Issuing Fake Arrest Warrants lifehacker.com.au

April 11 The banking scam exposed dailyreckoning.com.au

April 11 The grandparent scam afr.com

April 10 A crazy lottery ticket scam that allows people to dodge taxes is making a big comeback businessinsider.com.au

April 9 Red Alert - Gina Rinehart doesn't want your money! smh.com.au

April 9 Tiaro woman fundraising to meet online African 'husband' frasercoastchronicle.com.au

April 8 Scam mail intercept saves WA victims sbs.com.au

April 8 Scammers And Sceptics Are Strangling The Future Of Digital Money gizmodo.com.au

April 8 Warning: Scammers Are Hiding Malware Behind Fake Steam Pages kotaku.com.au

April 7 Qld woman accused of scamming elderly man 9news.com.au

April 1 Scam warning on tax returns psnews.com.au

March 2015

March 26 Top ten classic travel scams standard.net.au

March 26 Just hang up on bank fee scammers qt.com.au

March 26 Warning issued for telephone tax scam dailyexaminer.com.au

March 25 Canberra residents warned of Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions scam canberratimes.com.au

March 25 Fair Trading warns of latest cold call scam sunshinecoastdaily.com.au

March 25 Carlton woman, 83, unfazed by phone scammer theleader.com.au

March 25 Fake fines cross borders psnews.com.au

March 23 Fake WA police officer scam warning 9news.com.au

20 March Ballina detective shares top tips for avoiding scammers northernstar.com.au

18 March LETTER: Phone ‘fix’ a scam targeting the elderly sunshinecoastdaily.com.au

17 March Scam Charities Swoop in After Cyclone Pam probonoaustralia.com.au

17 March Reminder: Facebook Scams Work Because You Get Greedy lifehacker.com.au

17 March OSR warns on payroll tax scams psnews.com.au

17 March Tax Office says beware of hoax email mywealth.commbank.com.au

17 March Conmen's sick joke cashes in on Daffodil Cottage at Bathurst westernadvocate.com.au

17 March Alleged cruise fraudster faces court over phishing scam coffscoastadvocate.com.au

16 March More than 100,000 people fooled by free Qantas flight scam sbs.com.au

16 March Fake Bunnings vouchers continue to plague Facebook news.com.au

16 March Small businesses warned about ‘nasty’ bill scam heraldsun.com.au

14 March Conman scams $260,000 on dating site heraldsun.com.au

13 March ACCC Warns: Be on guard for NBN scammers itwire.com

12 March Reforms target VET FEE-HELP scammers studyassist.gov.au

11 March Phone scammers have called a Queensland police station pretending to be police couriermail.com.au

11 March Conmen paving their way across the Coast coffscoastadvocate.com.au

10 March Inside the experience of a telephone scam abc.net.au

9 March The Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) in search for scam stories psnews.com.au

9 March WhatsApp Scam Lures Users To Activate Fake Voice Calling Feature thebitbag.com

6 March 11 tips to protect yourself from a property investment scammer propertyobserver.com.au

5 March Scam email with malicious Cryptolocker software hits local businesses theaustralian.com.au 

5 March Council say illegal signs are par of nationwide scam qt.com.au

5 March 'Tech support' worker threatens to kill caller suspicious of phone scam 9news.com.au

4 March Police warning over phone scam news-mail.com.au

4 March What's The Most Convincing Phishing Scam You've Ever Seen? gizmodo.com.au

3 March Love hurts for some online daters psnews.com.au

3 March Coordinated investigation results in ACCC taking action against We Buy Houses and Rick Otton regarding property strategies ACCC.gov.au

2 March Fake speeding fine scammers target NSW with fake emails searching for bank details dailytelegraph.com.au

February 2015

27 February Warming Over Scam Immigration Calls and Emails in Australia australiaforum.com

27 February Watchdog bites after shed scam exposed qt.com.au

26 February Businessmen targeted by credit card scammers dailymercury.com.au

25 February Bunbury pensioner caught in $15k tradie scam au.news.yahoo.com

24 February Bunbury uni student looking for a home stung by scam bunburymail.com.au

24 February Scammers are using fake speeding fines to steal your credit card details businessinsider.com.au

24 February OFS warns on Finance scam psnews.com.au

23 February Scammers target lonely Australian hearts 9news.com.au

22 February Fake media tycoon Peter Sorensen sent to jail over advertising scam smh.com.au

20 February SCAM ALERT - Scammers posing as Qantas and Virgin Australia acma.gov.au

19 February Man plays with fire and gets burned in car scam qt.com.au

17 February Banora Point love scam northernstar.com.au

17 February The Australian Women’s Weekly does not endorse diet pills from Garcinia Cambogia HCAMAX aww.com.au

17 February Busting the internet romance scam abc.net.au

16 February SA funeral director jailed over scam 9news.com.au

16 February Auckland House Hunters Warned of Fraudsters Indulging In Rent Scam au.ibtimes.com

16 February Midwest consumers are being asked to think twice about paying that invoice abc.net.au

14 February Husband betrayed by wife in ID theft scam news4jax.com

13 FebruaryValentine's Day: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission warns of online dating scams Sydney Morning Herald

12 February Scam Emails about Suspended Facebook Account Currently Rolling spamfighter.com

12 February Man jailed over travel scam targeting elderly victims nzherald.co.nz

11 February Avoiding investment scams business.inquirer.net

11 February Qld conman jailed for solar panel scam sbs.com.au

January 2015

10 February Top five email scams revealed which.co.uk

4 February 'Mail theft cost me $20,000': Identity fraud victim shares horror story Daily Telegraph news local

4 February Australia Post employment email scam circulating Computerworld

4 February Irish roof scam sees others charged WA today

28 January Woman faces court over alleged $110m home loan fraud The Australian

27 January Tap-and-go fraud on the rise in Australia A Current Afair (Channel Nine)

27 January Australian Businesses are being targeted in a new email invoice scam Business Insider Australia

27 January iPhones swapped for flour bags in SA scam Herald Sun

25 January Door-to-door firesafety product sales scam sparks warning Sunshine Coast Daily

23 January Alleged Irish crime gang to be deported after roof-fixing scam exposed WA today

23 January Irish national deported after Perth home renovation scam PerthNow

22 January Conmen cashing in on love A Current Affair

22 January The email scam so convincing it netted more than $124m in just over a year Nine News

22 January Email charging scam targets Aussie businesses netting thousands of dollars Sydney Morning Herald

22 January Scam ads offering puppies for sale on the increase, police say ABC news

21 January Overseas backpackers fleeced over WA strawberry picking scam in Narrogin ABC News

21 January Aussie buinesses lose $600k to invoice email scam Computerworld

16 January Two charged over roof fixing scam The West Australian

16 January Two people charged over roof-fixing scam in Perth targeting seniors Perth Now

16 January No bail for woman accused of $80k scam spree Herald Sun

15 January Online love scams cost West Australians $30,000 a day WAtoday

15 January Scammers take almost $17m from West Australins, mostly in romance scams ABC news

13 January Government issues waning over ISIS email scam news.com.au

13 January Businessmen face 70 charges after fake tickets sales scam The Bulletin

7 January Online scams and fraud: Australians lose over $90 million in 2014 The Age

7 January Woman scammed of $250,000 starts support group for survivors of online dating fraud ABC News

6 January Pair charged with defrauding banks in alleged $100 million scam Herald Sun


December 2014

December 30 Internet scams: Why Australians are being ripped off in record numbers ABC News

December 29 How to avoid being scammed: Five top tips from the Australian Competition Consumer Commission ABC News

December 29 Fraudsters target banks with National Relay Service scam Sydney Morning Herald

December 29 Fake monks fleecing kind-hearted Aussies A Current Affair (Channel Nine)

December 27 Nigerian jailed for WA property scam The West

December 22 Austrailan grandmother on drug ice charges in Malaysia: Maria Elvira Pinto Exposto may be a victim of a military romance scam Sydney Morning Herald

December 22 Top 3 Australian financial scams of 2014 Computerworld

December 12 How onnline love scams are costing Australians a fortune Lifehacker

December 12 Kiwi women fall victim to online dating scam news.com.au

December 119 tips to avoid a holiday scam cba.ca

December 11 Phishing quiz: Can you spot a scam when you see one? Don't be so sure cbsnews.com

December 11 No, No, No! The Santa Scam to Avoid This Holiday Season dailyfinance.com

December 10 Amazon scam email latest in ID theft worries wtop.com

December 10 Uni mates who attempted $7m insider trading scam must be jailed, court told Herald Sun

December 10 Online shopping tips all wrapped up commerce.wa.gov.au

December 9 Scam of the Week: Fake Facebook friends fishing for funds ky3.com

December 9 Victorian family day care cheats caught in $23 million scam heraldsun.com.au

December 9 Facebook users warned vs. Christmas scam for 65in TV gmanetwork.com

December 9 Consumer watchdog tackles romance scams mywealth.commbank.com.au

December 9 Aussie victims of online dating scams sent $23 MILLION to West Africa this year dailymail.com.uk

December 9 ACCC intervenes to stop scam victims sending money overseas computerworld.com.au

December 9 Scam disruption project alerting victims to fraud is working, says ACCC abc.net.au

December 6 Scamming the scammers: online romance victims fight back brisbanetimes.com.au

December 6 Watch out for charity scams during holidays 13wmaz.com

December 6 Beware This Particularly Nasty Online Holiday Scam moneytalksnews.com

December 6 Fake tradies hit aged in repair scam frasercoastchronicle.com.au

December 6 Love me don't: the West African online scam using US soldiers The Age (Good Weekend)

December 6 Arrest over alleged cancer scam theaustralian.com.au

December 6 ACCC Scamwatch: victims of romance fraud scammers mainly men smh.com.au

December 6 NZ drug accused held in Bali a dating scam victim: family bangkokpost.com

December 5 Scam Squad: Holiday bring out the scam artists gvnews.com

December 5 Craigslist sex scam: Gold Coast police ‘don’t know how many victims’ hit news.com.au

December 5 SA public servant jailed for $1.1m scam au.news.yahoo.com

December 4 Local man loses $7000 in internet love scam then calls the police dailytelegraph.com.au

December 4 SA Woman charged for terminal illness scam 9news.com.au

December 4 Scam: Brothers jailed over bank robbery scam heraldsun.com.au

December 3 Be Wary of ‘Order Confirmation’ Emails krebsonsecurity.com

December 3 Scam Alert: Big W Fake Pages Lure Victims With Expensive Prizes ibtimes.com 

December 3 Melbourne Storm players caught up in fishing licence scam heraldsun.com.au

December 1 How scammers turned a letter from Santa into a con bbb.org

December 1 'Australia Post' delivery scam holds PCs to ransom theage.com.au

December 1 How you can protect yourself from identity theft news.com.au

November 2014

November 28 Police warning over Lake Macquarie real estate scam abc.net.au

November 27 Pensioner lost $1m in lawyer's scam stuff.co.nz

November 25 Lottery scam: Not a winner castanet.net

November 25 Scam artists kick into high gear for the holiday season wate.com

November 23 How to ID a social media scam vindy.com

November 22 Holiday scams: 6 more to avoid usatoday.com

November 21 The Multimillion ‘Clairvoyance by Mail’ Scam thedailybeast.com

November 21 How con artists trick your mind bbc.com

November 21 Car enthusiasts warned vs Facebook scam gmanetwork.com

November 21 The SEC Is Looking Into An Ebola Penny Stock Scam businessinsider.com.au

November 20 Phone Scams: Why people keep falling for the oldest scam in the book abcnews.go.com

November 19 How to spot a "Work From Home" scam credit.com

November 19 FTC shuts down massive "PC Cleaner" scam gigaom.com

November 18 Facebook hit with phishing scam designed for stealing account credentials spamfighter.com

November 17 eBay and an email scam bbc.com

November 17 Beware of social media scams this season businessdayonline.com

November 16 Fake Cartoon HD Twitter accounts attempting to scam users masterherald.com

November 15 Scammers using Facebook, Instagram to find new victims cincinnati.com

November 15 Beware of these social media scams norwalkreflector.com

November 15 Don't let the Grinch ruin your holidays usatoday.com

November 15 Beware of 4-legged financial scam bankrate.com

November 14 WWII vet's widow loses 'everything' to scam king5.com

November 14 Latest online scam? Theives target facebook pages cbslocal.com

November 12 iPhone owners beware of fake-app attack cnet.com/au

November 12 Hook-up scams target gays on craigslist gaynewsnetwork.com.au

November 9 Email scams are still depressingly effective gizmodo.com.au

November 4 No jokes: Scammers sting with $400 ACCC email hoax itwire.com

October 2014

October 30 Fake speeding fines make Cryptolocker lock up Australian files watoday.com.au

October 28 Scam artists greatest hits - today's popular internet scams huffingtonpost.com

October 28 FBI: List of purchase order scam victims growing rapidly networkworld.com

October 27 Facebook notified authorities of an alleged $2.5 Million scam businessinsider.com.au

October 27 Nine social media scams you need to know theborneopost.com

October 27 BBB warns of "get rich quick" schemes targetting social media users katc.com

October 27 Scam goes after eBay users cbsnews.com

October 25 Ebola scam email making the rounds on the internet examiner.com

October 25 Court shuts down alleged PC tech support scam pcworld.idg.com.au 

October 21 Phone scams on the rise reports Sunrise

October 17 Travellers have lost $100,000 in scams this year according to the ACCC

October 13 WA handyman fined after taking deposit, doing nothing for elderly reports WA Today

October 10 Gumtree users have been warned about a serial ticket scammer who has conned people out of thousands of dollars for fake concert and sporting tickets, reports news.com.au

October 9 Offshore scam artists pretending to be international brands targeting tenants propertyobserver.com.au

October 5 Florida men charged in Jamaica based lottery scam NBCMiami.com

October 1 WA lonely hearts lose $30k a day the West Australian Online

September 2014

September 30 Accused drug trafficker 'scammed' the West Australian Online

September 15 ACCC cracks down on dating website scammers reports ABC News

September 2 Gambling scam takes millions from Australian investors reports ABC's 7:30

September 1 WA business owners falling prey to advertising scam reports ABC

August 2014

August 28 Get rich quick schemes move to social media reports the Better Business Bureau

August 26 Record haul of scam mail prompts warning reports ABC

August 26 Mountain of scam mail shredded in WA reports thewest

August 11 ACCC launches action to stop Australians falling victim to dating and romance scams ABC News

August 7 CryptoLocker decrypted: Researchers reveal website that frees your files from ransomware reports PC World

July 2014

July 30 News.com.au gallery: How to spot a fake website

July 28 watoday.com.au Beware that hotel Wi-Fi connection

July 23 canberratimes.com.au Police probe Macgregor property scam

July 21 News.com.au Malaysia Airline Flight MH17 victims are being exploited by scammers with fake Facebook tribute pages

June 2014

June 29 Sydney Morning Herald Defence chief's identity stolen in love scam

June 20 ABC Online Japanese elderly targeted by scams

June 6 Yahoo News: Nigerian "love scam" accused in court

May 2014

May 25 Perth Now: Jette Jacobs son visits the scene of his mother's alleged murder by a love scammer in South Africa

April 2014

April 4 

The Guardian: 'Microsoft support scam' ringleader gets suspended jail sentence and fine

April 2 

WA woman recovers money following dating scam reported by The WestPerth NowWA Today and news.com.au

March 2014

March 31 

Nigerian detectives’ visit to Perth reported by The West and Perth Now

Fairfax Media: Scammed while online dating

March 28 

A Current Affair video story: Australian families taking collect calls from scammers

March 26 

Bunbury Herald article: Legal-looking letter a scam

March 20 

Backpacker employment scam warning on news websites includingThe WestWA TodayPerth NowBunbury Mail and Margaret River Mail

March 17 

Esperance Express article: Phone scammer's $254 windfall sparks warning

February 2014

February 26 

Rent rort losses in WA on the rise - perthnow.com.au

February 25 

The West Australian reports: Mine scam costs man $350,000

January 2014

January 28 

Psychologists assist Queensland fraud squad educate victims reports ABC Online

January 24 

Businesses warned about Yellow Pages scam onwatoday.com.au 

The West Australian reports on fales Yellow Pages bills

January 8 

Perthnow.com.au reports on an investigation into Nigerian scammer who convinced an elderly woman to smuggle ice into Australia.

January 6 

Buddhist monk scam warning reported in The West


December 2013

December 18 

Police from Nigeria and WA team up to tackle fraud ABC Online

December 9 

Broome scam victims need convincing reported thewest.com.auand Major fraud squad flies to Broome reported GWN

December 3 

Cancer patient narrowly avoids phone scam and prompts warning The Herald Sun

November 2013

November 22 

Consumer Protection social media on webcam scams as reported by StaySmartOnline

November 20 

Concerns about scammers targeting chat users reports ABC online

November 14 

Kiwis caught in multi-million dollar scam Stuff.co.nz

November 5 

How to spot a sports betting scam reports ABC online

New twist on dating scams reported in The West Online

October 2013

October 31 

Punters being horsed around by scammers Herald Sun

October 30 

Scams costly for Australians: ACCC reported the Sydney Morning Herald

Aussies scammed on bogus shopping sites, reportsninemsn.com.au

October 25 

Holiday ticket scam is no winner reported the Australian Federal Police

October 17 

'cash washing' scam costs WA mine work $2 million reports The AustralianABC onlineSky NewsBunbury Mail and The West Australian.

October 16 

Desctructive malware "CryptoLocker" on the loose reportsNakedSecurity

October 11 

Property scam nets WA trio $6 million reports Property Observer.

October 09 

Online dating scam reported by Today Tonight (VIC)

October 02 

Regulators powerless to stop scammers reports The Adviser.

Ringleader of Melbourne migration scam jailed for two years reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

September 2013

September 26 

Known scammer linked to latest lead con reports The Adviser.

Internet visa scam strands family reports The West.

New lead generation scam targets brokers reports The Adviser.

September 24 

Debt and death spark call for national response to online scams reports 7.30 and ABC News

September 20 

Fake Yellow Pages scam reports The Leader.

September 19 

WA puppies being sold with fatal diseases reportsNews.com.auPerth NowWA TodayBunbury Mail and The West.

Woolworths warns of customer survey scam reports The Australian also warnings on Woolworths and ACCC websites.

September 13 

Sydney card scam operation busted: police reported The Australian

September 11 

Warning about a Nigerian Astronaut Scam making the rounds, care of venturebeat.com

September 5 

Fresh warnings from Western Australia's consumer rights watchdog after a 13-year-old Perth is targetted by hackers, reports yahoo'sthewest.com.aunews.com.au, and abc.net.au

Hackers using webcams for blackmail reports News.com.au,ABC newsNinemsn.com.au and The West.

September 4 

Advertising scam targets Aboriginal Corporations reports ABC Kimberley.

August 2013

August 29 

Con artists selling homes under owners’ names reported Your Investment Property and Australian Broker Online

August 28 

WA Today warns of an increase in cybertheft, and makes recommendations for protecting yourelf online WA Today

August 27

South Australia Police warn of scratchy ticket scam reports SA Police News

August 23

SA Police investigating scratchy scam involving bogus overseas travel company offering cash wins reports News.com.au

August 22

 Qantas email scam takes flight reports TechWorld

August 20 

Ashes cricket scam targets Australians reported TechWorld

August 20 

Australia Post debit cards used in scam reported Herald Sun

August 18 

Gold Coast backpackers targeted by money launderers reports WA Today and ABC news

Porn users tricked in cyber extortion reports WA Today

August 16 

Daniel Perry suicide teenage blackmail reports Mirror UK

WA victims scammed out of $2m in a week reports The West onlineas well as Perth NowWA Today and news.com.au

Crimestoppers scam exposed reported by WA Today

August 15 

Nigerian arrest over the real estate fraud attempt reported online by WAtoday,  The West , Perth Now and ABC 

Consumer warning on bitumen bandits reports The West online

August 6 

African nation of Togo becomes hotspot for scams, ABC News reports

August 1 

Dating scam dupe reported by The West 

Backpackers defrauded in online jobs scam reported ABC News,Yahoo News and WA today

Romance scam victim video by GWN

Backpackers conned reports GWN

July 2013

July 30

Dodgy workers rob elderly couple reported The West

July 29

Social media users warned of running risk of identity fraud reported WAtoday

July 25

Online shoppers warned of bogus customer testimonials reported ABC News

ACCC warns migrants, visa holders adbout deportation scam reported ABC News

Hundreds conned in Gumtree scam reported Sydney Morning Herald, news.com.au, The Age and Herald Sun. 

July 24

Beware of SMSF spruikers reports WAtoday.

July 23

PIN or PIN? Visa, MasterCard seek ban on credit card signatures reported WAtoday

Warning over tree loppers reported Stirling Times

July 18

Warning over equestrian fraud reported The West

Scammers fleece WA browsers out of $170,000 in six months reported Perth Now and News.com.au

July 13

The anatomy of a Microsoft Windows support scam geekwire.com

July 4

Pensioner loses $200,000 in scam reports The West online

July 1

Aussies' Manchester United Ronaldo campaign comes to an end after scam claims reported Mumbrella

June 2013

June 29

Perth woman says money scam caused heart attack reported Perth Now

June 21

Small business warned about scams reported WA Today

June 20

Kill bill scams reported Sydney Morning Herald

June 19

Scam victim profiles reported GWN

New statistics reveal rich people are more likely to be scammed reports the Herald Sun

Motor home scam robs Gordon man of $15,000 reported The Courier (Ballarat VIC)

June 18

Watchdog lacking any bite as scammers fleece us reported watoday.com.au

June 17

Beware of online shopping scams reported on Sunrise

Australia's National Consumer Fraud Week starts today - the motto is, "Outsmart the scammers!" reported NakedSecurity.sophos.com

Scams cost Australians $93 million in 2012: ACCC reported ABC news, Business Insider, Sky news and Herald Sun

Online shopping scams on the rise: report reported SBS.com.au

Online dating dupes people out of millions reported watoday.com.au

Officials warning over temporary working holiday visa scam reported AustrailaForum.com

June 8 

Scammed! - Black money reported on 60 Minutes

Victims pay high price for being duped by fraudsters reported Hills Gazette

May 2013

May 29

Westpac caught up in world's biggest money laundering sting reported watoday.com.au

May 26

Irish conmen believed to have fled interstate to continue swindles reported The Australian

May 23

'Grandparent Scams' Are Conning Thousands of Seniors Out of Cash reported DailyFinance

May 21

Police resuce woman from flying to Africa to meet online scammer reported perthnow.com.au

Crackdown on fake online product reviews reported thewest.com.au

May 16

Fake email invoices cost businesses $20k reported thewest.com.au

May 14

Scam victim receives compensation reports thewest.com.au and watoday.com.au

May 10

Scammers get $1m in five weeks reports The West online

May 9

WA a boom state for investment fraudsters - $964,000 lost in April reports Perth Now and thewest.com.au

Alert as travellers scammed of $250,000 in online bookings reports news.com.au

Fake invoice scam stings WA businesses reports WA today

May 5

Be on alert for rental scam warns news.com.au

May 3

'Evil spritis' scam hits Melbourne again reports news.com.au and Nine news online

May 1 

Software swindle scam warning via The West online

April 2013

April 24 

Scam letters bound for WA homes seized reports The West online, Perth Now and ABC online

NZ woman jailed over dating scams reports news.com.au

April 21 

Scammed tourists begin class action reports WA Today

April 19

720 ABC Perth online describes mobile phone porting scam Sophisticated scam starts with innocent sounding text message

April 16

Free childcare scam aimed at intelligence staff reported Canberra Times

Anti fraud focus switches to Katanning reported Perth Now and The Australian

April 15

Digital TV scammers target households in move from analogue reported Perth Now

April 14

Travellers stranded by phishing scam reported WA Today

April 12

Love scams net Kimberley, Pilbara victims reported ABC News

April 11

Fake puppy scam hits online pet buyers reported ABC News and ABC News PM

$700K cattle scam charge reported thewest.com.au , ABC NewsQueensland Country Life and Animals Australia

April 8

'Love' scam victims conned 'until nothing left' reported ABC News

April 5

Money laundering scam targets WA reported thewest.com.au

April 2

Conmen knocking on doors reported Community Newspapers

March 2013

March 31

A life laid bare in a single day reported WAToday

March 29

Gold Coast company fined $750,000 for conning small business operators into paying for ads they didn't order reported PerthNow

March 28

Warning on Western Union money transfer phone scam reported PerthNow

March 27

'Evil spirits' trio steal $1m from Asians reported WAtoday and PerthNowMarch 27 WA man loses $700,000 in Spanish inheritance scam reported TheWest.com.au, PerthNow, ABC News and News.com.au. Video footage available on media page.

March 26

Swiss couple scammed out of $402k by woman posing as their granddaughter  reported PerthNow

March 25

Threats made for people to pay thousands to avoid court appearance reported PerthNow

March 20

Businessman duped in online romance scam reported ABC news

March 16

Struggle theory on gran death reported thewest.com.au

More bad news for Trio investors reported WAtoday.com.au

March 14

Scammers fleecing fans for fake tickets to gigs reports news.com.au

March 13

Email scam warning from Australia Post

Man lost $11k in love hoax reported thewest.com.au

March 12

Widow's death sparks search in Africa reported thewest.com.au

March 9

How to spot a scam and avoid property predators reported PerthNow

Nigerian denies role in murder reported thewest.com.au

March 4

Millions wiped away each month in romance frauds reported PerthNow and The Australian

March 2

Romance Tragedy Scam reported thewest.com.au, PerthNow, WAtoday, News.com.au, ABC, The Australian and various television stations (Ch7 footage on media page).

February 2013

February 25

Love scams cost millions reported ABC AM

February 21

ASIC media release: Ponzi scheme ‘mastermind’ handed record penalty

February 20

Jail for man who masterminded ATM card-

skimming operation reported Perth Now.February 29: Gold coast couple in $400,000 solar scam reported by Perth Now and thewest.com.au.

February 14

Telstra media statement: Telstra warns hoax emails are on the rise.

Perth Now reports: Secrets behind online dating scammers.

February 13

ABC reports: Police warn motorists of Morley car note scam and reported on WA Today and Perth Now.

February 12 

Thewest.com.au reports: Scammer cons Bunbury pensioner.

February 11

Northern Weekly reports: Online dog scam bites Bundoora buyer

February 8

Perth Now reports: Pair charged with fraud over alleged solar panel scam on Gold Coast

February 7

Thewest.com.au reports: Microsoft and Symantec disrupt global cybercrime ring also reported on WA Today

February 5

WA Today reports: Dodgy deals are daylight robbery

February 4

News.com.au reports Gaddafi scammers target WA also reported on Perth Now, WA Today and  thewest.com.au.

January 2013

January 30

News.com.au reports: Valentines warning for lonely hearts

January 25

Bendigo Advertiser reports: Resident warns of ANZ phone scam

January 24

Customs and Border Protection issues Warning: Skype scammers

January 20

Perth Now reports: Smooth talking Irish conman on the loose in Australia

January 15

The Australian reports: WA man fined $10000 for pyramid scheme

January 10

The Conversation reports: The Gumtree PayPal Scam: Spotting Internet scammers is harder than you think

January 9

Mashable reports: Don't fall for this 'Faceboourk' phishing scam


December 2012

December 31

The West reports: Warning on rental fraud

December 21

Westfield gift card scam alert

December 14

The West reports: Deaf scam cons $5000 from mechanic

December 11

Perth Now reports: Gina Rinehart in multi-million dollar 'charity' email scam

PerthNow and WA Today report :Qantas warns customers over email scam

December 10

Perth Now and WA Today report: Consumers warned on Xmas scams

WA Today reports Online daters lose millions in scams

Perth Now reports: Is your credit card safe in the sky?

December 6

Card Skimmers in Perth reports at WA TodayPerth Now, ABC and The West.

Perth Now reports: Warning on group buying scheme as deal fails to deliver

December 5

Department of Immigration and Citizenship releases: Phone scam warning for visa-holders in Australia

Bunbury Mail reports: Parents and school leavers warned not to fall for scam Facebook pages which offer refunds for the Leavers 2012 wristband

December 4

JetStar warn about email scam via thier facebook page also reported on WA Today and Perth Now

November 2012

November 29

ASIC warns consumers against purported investment firm (Swiss Private Capital Ltd)

Perth now reports: Police smash global gang behind 500,000 Aussie credit card thefts.

November 26

New ACMA research shows: Online Aussies satisfied but wary

Mashable Tech reports:4 Turning Points in Cybercrime History

Perth Now reports: Credit card rip-off gang members guilty, await sentencing

AAPT.org in thier online publication The magazine report :Confessions of a Con Artist

Mashable Tech reports: 65% of Internet Users Are Cybercrime Victims

Perth Now reports: Jury convicts US man in iPad data breach

November 22

WA today reports:Government cracks down on identity fraud

November 20

WA Today reports: Retailer warns of scam gift voucher

News.com.au reports: Warning on 'credible' cold-calling bank scam

The West reports: Fake marriage visa scam shut down in Qld and Perth Now: Fake marriage visa scam shut down in Qld

The West Australian reports: Property scammers confuse buyers

November 13

WA today reports: Scammers targeting small businesses

November 12

itNews reports:Telcos declare SMS 'unsafe' for bank transactions

PerthNow reports: Man with 'Rain Main'-type condition pleads guilty over ATM scam

ABC news reports: Tasmanians warned about scams

itNews reports: Home buyer funds targeted in phone porting scam

November 8

Today Tonight reports: Online shopping dangers

November 6

The West Australian Reports: UK stockbroker jailed for 13 years for "ponzi" fraud

November 5 

lifehacker asks: How Can I Be Sure A Customer Service Call Isn’t A Scam?

WA Today reports: Aussies held to ransom by nasty software

News.com.au reports: Holiday site Stayz hit by another cyber scam

WA Today reports: Organised criminals to face tougher laws

Perth Now reports: Bank scams prompt warning about fraudsters

October 2012

October 30

WA Police issue a warning about the use of WA Police signage as a means to legitimise emails sent from overseas online fraudsters

October 29

WA Today reports:Thousands targeted in psychic and lotto win scams

The West Australian reports: Scammers lift their game

October 25

PerthNow reports: Fake real estate agent charged over fraud

October 23

News.com.au reports: Dodgy diet pills sold online to gullible Aussies

October 19

News.com.au and Perth Now report: Tax office warns Australians to be on the lookout for email and phone scams

October 18

Perth Now reports: ACCC's Scam Watch website warns mobile phone users about a message from Vicki Wharton from VIP Rewards

WA Business News online reports: Agent thwarts fraudulent bid to sell home

Perth Now reports: Agent thwarts fraudulent bid to sell home

WA today  reports: Nigerian property scam intercepted by Perth agents

October 17 

America's Better Business Bureau reports: Don’t “Share” Rumors that Facebook Will Start Charging

America's Better Business Bureau reports Scammers Posing as Gmail Entice Victims with Free iPad

October 16

ABC news reports: Nigerian real estate scam prevented by new rules

The West Australian reports:Agents foil real estate scammers

Real estate scam attempt thwarted Consumer Protection and WA Police have urged agents to be on high alert against real estate fraud after a recent attempt to sell a Perth home was thwarted.

Consumer Protection WA  describes Legal action against rent to buy property promoters (Susilo)

October 12

News.com.au reports: ATO confirms 23,000 Australians had their tax file numbers compromised last year

October 9

News.com.au and Nine News report: NSW crackdown on home scam

The company Deals Direct has issued the a warning to its customers about a third party is attempting to trick our customers into providing their login and password details to our website. Always ensure that you are dealing with the legitimate DealsDirect site by checking that the URL is www.dealsdirect.com.au

October 8

ABC News reports Bargain hunters warned over real estate scams

October 5

The West Australian reports: Court orders hit computer scammers

Gizmodo Reports: Global Operation Sees Infamous ‘Microsoft’ Scammers Finally Taken Down [Updated]

Comsumer Protection WA states Action to pull plug on Microsoft scammers welcomed

October 4

ACMA announced today: Global action busts scammers posing as Microsoft reported on The West Australian Nine News; ABC and WA today

October 3

WA Today reports Apple Australia $100 'reward' card scam alert

October 2

WA Today reports ID scans raise privacy fears

September 2012

September 28

WA today reports: $37.5m credit card fraud scam smashed: police

September 27

Perth Now reports: Chinese couple arrested in identity fraud

September 26

The West Australian and Perth Now report: Peter Foster in court over diet spray

Perth Now reports: Phone fraudsters pose as police, hitting Sunshine Coast businesses

September 25

Perth Now reports: Heartless scammers hold mum to ransom

The West Australian Reports: Shame of the con too much to bear for many

The West Australian reports: $6.5m lost to online scams

Digital Life reports: Tighter security measures will help protect our online identities.

September 19

Real Estate Business reports: More real estate scams reported in WA

September 17

Perth Now reports Malware wizards target Emma Watson lovers, McAfee says

September 14

ABC News reports Phone scandal victims to get refund

September 13

The Northern Daily Leader reports Conmen convicted of roofing repair scam

Perth Now reports : Putting fear into the frauds

September 10

ABC News reports Telemarketer fined for remote phone scam

September 6

Perth Now reports: Being ripped off will-fully

September 5

Perth Now reports FBI denies hackers accessed iPhone, iPad users' personal data on FBI laptop

The Herald Sun reports: Australians careless with online passwords and urged to change, PayPal report says

iinet confirms email asking customers to click link to prevent account deactivation is a new phishing scam.

September 4

News.com.au reports : Brisbane police warn vigilance after porn horror for man whose video was plastered across websites in online dating scam

The West Australian,Nine News and WA Today report: Foster hid involvement in diet scam: court

The West Australian reports: Beware of advance-fee scam calls

September 1st

Nine News reports Scammers who put money into your bank account

August 2012

August 28

Results of the Australian Institute of Criminology & Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce 2010 & 2011 online scam surveys are in! 

Nine News reports Scammers target job-seekers with fake ads

August 23

Perth Now reports Scammers hit new low with scam that scams those already scammed

Nine News reports Potential renters are being warned of an online scam that could cost them thousands of dollars

Perth Now  reports Australians scammed through TripAdvisor's FlipKey service

Perth Now reports Beware of carbon compo scammers

August 10

Perth Now reports Facebook has new email for scams

August 9

WA Today reports Infamous hacker's grim warning for Australia

August 8

ABC News reports Latest phone scam pretends to be the tax office

August 7

Sky News, News.com.au and ABC News report Police warn against hoax threatening text message

ABC News reports Online scams: Phish me once, shame on you. Phish me twice, shame on me

WA Today reports Success in war against spam

News.com.au reports Scammers use bank fees as new cover

WA Today reports Consumers easy target for crafty scammers

WA Today reports Apple cloud burst: how hacker wiped Mat's 'life'

June / July 2012

July 18

The Sydney Morning Herald reports Nigerian scammers are back with a vengeance.

June 23

JB Hi Fi warns Scam Alert: The SMS message you may have received was not sent by JB Hi-Fi, and most likely a scam. We recommend you do not attempt to activate the link.

PerthNow reports Solved: Why email scammers say they're from Nigeria

June 21

The West Australian reports Say no to scammers

June 13

Nine news reports Trio charged over $1.5m investor scam

ABC News reports Police warn of computer phone scam

The Daily Advertiser reports Scam targets town club

June 12

Nine MSN and The West Australian report : ACCC warns of carbon tax price hike scams

ABC News reports Businesses warned not to dupe consumers with carbon price rises

June 11

The West Australian reports Beware 'storm scammers'

WA Today reports Pair plead guilty to $30m super ponzi scheme

The West Australian reports Cyber crime costs NZ $488m

June 10

Stuff.co.nz reports Scam warning after LinkedIn leak

The West Australian reports Snap decisions can be costly

June 7

Property investor reports  WA “rent to buy’ scheme ruled deceptive and illegal with other similar schemes facing investigation

June 6

The West Australian reports  ‘Windows’ scammers catch Collie couple

Real Estate Business reports Agents thwart 3 scams as fraudsters pounce

June 5

Perth Now reports scammers target Suncorp Bank customers with fake emails littered with spelling and grammar errors

WA Today reports Pests need to be shown the door

June 3

ABC News  repors New code thwarts house sale scammers

WA Today reports Police probe new international property scam attempts

Westpac Bank warns about a current email scam, subject line "Westpac Survey!" If you receive the email, delete it, and don't open it or click any links.

June 1st The Department of Commerce calls for vigilance after foiled real estate scam attempts

June 1st Perth Now reports Courts crack down on 'rent-to-buy' housing scams

June 1st WA Today reports Rent-to-buy scam ordered to pay compensation

May 2012

May 29

Perth Now and news.com.au report on How to avoid online shopping scam

WA Today reports Warning on carbon tax rorts

May 25 

ACCC warns : Small business must be alert to scams

Perth Now and Nine News report that a tax-time email scam hits computer. See our warning about [ Article 268DM17GXU86UV3T4P6FQKNXU7NY7G not found.].

Perth Now and The West Australian report Agency investigated after home sold without owner's knowledge.

Consumer Protection WA  reports Disciplinary action against real estate agent following scam

Perth Now reports Perth grandmother tells of anger at $30k scam Read our warning about Help me scams

May 21

WA Today reports on The nasties of the net

May 18

WA Today reports on Carbon Price Scams

May 17

Perth Now reports Elderly at risk of cyber attack

May 14

News.com.au reports Hard-sell seminars pose risks

Perth Now reports Tax and investment scheme scammers preying on young through social media sites

WA Today warns Get smart about gadget security

couriermail.com.au reports Online dating scammers steal millions from Queensland lonely hearts

The Herald Sun reports Vacuum scam may have sucked in elderly

May 11

ABC News reports Watchdog warns of carbon tax cons

Nine News reports Online scams cost $US485m in US in 2011

ABC News reports Online charity scam targets Gosnells woman

May 7th

The West Australian reports Perth not 'soft fraud target'

April 2012

April 27

The Telegraph reports the rental scam is back

April 26

Nine News reports SA police concerned over car sale scams.

PerthNow , the West Australian and Nine News report Mortgage broker guilty of $1.2m scam.

April 24

WA Today columnist reports 'Internet scam has a silver lining'

April 23

The Free Press Leader reports Scotsmen charged over bitumen scam. Watch TodayTonights story  [ Article WQHYQQUSKWIQFV8AUTG2P03DIT89YL not found.]

Couriermail.com.au reports NSW Fair Trading warns against cold call scam.

April 19

The Personal Fraud Survey for 2010-11 found that Australians lost $1.4 billion due to personal fraud, according to the Austra

lian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

April 18

PerthNow reports Indigenous counsellors take on scammers

The West Australian reports Swindlers demand 'overdue bill' cash. See our warning about the Misuse of Ukash by scammers here.

April 13

PerthNow reports Beware of the cyber muggers - your guide to online security

April 11

The West Australian and Nine MSN report that  Aussie stones Ponzi scheme smashed in US

WA Today and The West Australian reports that Backpackers are conned by promise of winery work

April 10

PerthNow and news.com.au report that Hi-tech scams target superannuation.

April 5

Some good general warnings in GWN7 item 'Scammers target Geraldton locals' featuring Consumer Protection's Danni Bloomfield.

April 2

The West Australian reports that Canada touts its Little Black Book of Scams View the book here

March 2012

March 30

News.com.au reports Hoax emails target St.George Bank customers' details

March 29

The ABC site Good Game released a great video on cyber bulling.

ACCC takes court action against energy retailers for door-to-door sales tactics

March 23

The ACCC has published a new edition of The Little Black Book of Scams

News.com.au reports that an online e-billing scam hits Telstra customers. Read Telstra's response here.

The West Australian and Perth Now report that a Man was jailed for eight years over a McDonald's card skimming scam.

March 22

Telstra blogs about Fraud week

March 21

The Telegraph reports Scams reported to Australian Competition and Consumer Commission almost double to cost $85.6 million

Nine News, The West online, Perth Now and news.com.au report  that South Australian MP warns about scammers.

March 20

Perthnow and News.com.au both report that  Hundreds of West Aussies have been scammed out of  $4.12m

The ACCC explains that Scam reports almost double for second consecutive year.

The ATO warns that a phishing email claiming to be from the ATO is currently circulating.

The ACCC has realeased the 2011 Targeting Scams Report

StaySmartOnline offers some great tips on avoiding phishing scams.

March 19

SOPHOS reports that Google has axed 130 million scam ads in 2011.

Smart Company reports that Scam reports nearly double in 2011, ACCC reveals – five lessons you need to know.

WA ScamNet has recieved 32,000 scam related enquiries in last 12 months & reported a loss of $4.1 million.

March 13

As part of The USA National Consumer Protection Week  OnGuard Online  highlighted popular articals to help you avoid online frauds & scams

March 12

SOPHOS warns internet  users about the the top 50 passcodes you should never use

SOPHOS warns iphone users about the the top 10 passcodes you should never use on your iPhone.

The west Australian reports that an Australian  Xbox seller was duped by US buyer according to police.

News.com.au reports that  a  WA pensioner loses her life savings to Nigerian scammers.

March 7

Action Fraud reports that a Twitter phishing scam is doing the rounds. If any link takes you to a login page do not enter your details it will hack your account..

March 6

The ATO warns people to be wary of unsolicited phone calls claiming to be from the ATO and offering you a tax refund.

WA Today reports that Former footballers claim $4 million fraud

February 2012

February 29

WA ScamNet suggests that secondary school teachers and school staff have a look at Know IT All for secondary which has been produced by Childnet International to help you to understand and address a range of e-safety issues within schools.

SOPHOS reports that the Pink Facebook scams is still spreading widely

February 27

WA ScamNet recommends you check out  the e-learning courses AUSTRAC developed  to assist regulated entities, industry associations and the public with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing information.

The Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) has produced this public Money laundering in Australia report to help counter money laundering through greater public and industry awareness.

BBC News reports : Technology firms create DMarc to fight phishing:A crackdown on "phishing" scams has been announced by 15 of the top technology companies.

WA Today reports : Cheat stings Nigerian scammers

February 23 

Yahoo News reports:McDonald's warns of Facebook hoax see McDonalds official warning here

February 22

Consumer Protection WA warns Goldfields consumers to be wary of dodgy back-of-van sellers offering electronic goods in Coolgardie - don't buy from them

February 21

Travelling conmen alert for Bunbury Consumer Protection and the Building Commission have issued a joint alert to

Bunbury residents after receiving early reports of unregistered roof painters operating in the area.

9 News, News.com.au and Perth Now all report on the latest scam hitting the eastern states: scammers are trying to trick  residents into spending hundreds of dollars on water purifiers by telling them their tap water is harmful.

Thewest.com.au reports: Elderly warned about scam artists

February 20

WA Today reports that the mother of all property scams rears ugly head again

February 16

The Herald Sun reports that:  the consumer watchdog is launching a St Valentine's Day crackdown aimed at dodgy romance scams.

Perth Now reports: Love-seekers warned about online dating scams

ABC news reports: Millions lost on online dating scams

ScamWatch warns Small businesses beware: scams - false invoices for advertising, directory listings, domain names & office supplies

Februrary 14 

Thewest.com.au reports that: Cyber love a scam for many

ACCC launches guidelines to help dating websites protect consumers from scams

February 9

Some great Identity theft articles on news.com.au and Perth Now

ABC online reports on a NT Consumer Affairs rental accommodation scam warning

Nine MSN reports on a NT travel agent who allegedly scammed customers

February 8

AVG (AU/NZ) warns its customers and visitors of a new scam doing the rounds. In the coming days, you may receive an email, supposedly from Mozilla Firefox, advertising an upgrade to Firefox 8 AVG warns it is a Scam

February 7

Today is Safer Internet Day check out these great resources at cyber [smart:]. AVG also offers some great tips about how to stay safe online.

February 6

The West Australian reports that a man was found guilty of McDonald's card scam

February 2

Perth Now reports that an online scam leaves renters out of pocket See WA ScamNet's warning about these kinds of scams here.

February 1

The West Australian reports that Companies team up to combat email scams

January 2012

January 30

Consumer and Business Services(CBS) is warning people throughout the AnanguPitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) lands to beware of an email scam targeting thearea.

January 25

Perth Now reports WA consumers caught in telemarketing scam

January 23

Perth Now warns Global financial crisis to bring out scam artists. MoneySmart  also offers some great tips on how to avoid these scams.

January 19

The West Australian reports on the need for consumers to beware of Olympic scams

January 18

The West Australian warns Perth woman tricked in internet modeling scam

January 17

6PR reports on Malaysaian travel scam. Listen to their report here.

January 16

Choice magazine reports on Work-from-home scams see our warning about employment scams [ Article QV0EONRHQRGYQ2W3NIE1T049SCD3HK not found.].

Bunbury Mail reports Bunbury woman scammed through puppy love see our warning about puppy scams.

A Geraldton man lost $3,500 in this scam even though Australia Post has intercepted 2000 mail-outs 100's may've been delivered.

Mashable Social Media warns that invitations to change the color of your Facebook profile are a scam.

WAtoday reports:Thousands in WA targeted in travel scam see our warning about these travel scams

January 11 

WA Today warns of Mobile phone hacking flaw

Facebook scam warning on ABC Online


November / December 2011

December 15

The PC & Tech Authority warn of the The 12 Internet scams of Christmas.

December 14

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs New Zealand is warning all Facebook users to be careful when clicking adverts, liking pages and accepting events on Facebook because two online survey scams claiming to offer JB Hifi or Dick Smith vouchers are currently doing the rounds. Both electronics stores have also issued warnings on their websites. Read more here.

November 30

Travellers to Bali are being warned about a confidence trick involving the card game blackjack. See the full story from the West Australian or view the [ Article 17BIKR55VHBHM1NZ0YH3QVDEM6JJLG not found.].

Perth Now warns Facebook scam dubbed cleverest yet

November 21

The Department of Transport announces a welcome identity crime deterrent - new WA driver's licence card gives extra security. Click [ Article TAM3OX7UZ8IZIMGIR3HIMI95FW9CKK not found.] to view the announcement.

Check out the Neighbourhood Watch Australasia Journal Volume, 6 Issue 3 Scams and you

Novermber 16

Consumer Protection WA warns Perth’s hills residents to be on the alert for 'Bitumen Bandits'

November 14

Smartcompany warns Businesses and individuals to watch out for 12 digital scams of Christmas

ScamWatch has issued a warning to consumers to erase your hard drive before disposing of old computers - simply deleting files is not enough

The Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy provides some simple tips for Australians planning this year’s summer holiday online.

Get Safe Online warns consumers to protect against malicious software and ‘phone viruses’

November 10

ScamWatch has  issued a warning to consumers to be wary of  scam gift voucher & product offers on social networking sites. Read more here.

WA ScamNet recommends you have a look at some of the great advice available on the Get Safe Online website.

November 7 

ScamWatch and The UK Metropolitan Police Service have issued a warning of online accommodation booking scams in the lead up to the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.

New South Wales Fair Trading and CHOICE have issued a warning to beware of aggressive telemarketers who threaten to disconnect your power unless you buy an energy saving device. Read more about energy saver scams [ Article BMVNTVDUVVEDCN9L9O6NWIR9YNYBCT not found.]

Australia Post warns of "parcel delivery phone call" scam. They are alerting customers to an unsolicited phone call scam which claims that a parcel could not be delivered to the recipient and that redelivery can be arranged after a payment is made. The warning goes on to say that the hoax has been reported to the ACCC’s SCAMwatch & that anyone who has provided any personal details (including credit card information) should contact their bank or financial institution as soon as possible to seek further advice.

November 3

Coles has issued a warning on its website  to say that a "Free $500 Gift Card for Coles" link being circulated via Facebook & email is a hoax. The warning goes on to say that the hoax has been reported to the ACCC’s SCAMwatch & that anyone who has provided any personal details (including credit card information) should contact their bank or financial institution as soon as possible to seek further advice.

August / September 2011

September 21  

Don't get ripped off is a series of radio announcements targetting Indigenous consumer issues it includes: Recognising a scam

August 23  

SCAMwatch and Carnival Australia have issued a National warning about a 'Carnival Australia' scam scratchie cards arriving in the mail

August 11 

A joint taskforce comprising investigators from Consumer Protection, WA Police Major Fraud Squad and representatives of Landgate is investigating a reported real estate scam. A couple returning from overseas have advised authorities that their property has been sold without their knowledge or consent and a joint investigation has been launched.

A call to WA ScamNet stopped this man falling victim: Read Beware this 'bank owes you' scammers' trap

April / May 2011

12 April 

Beware of romance scams: View Michelle's story [ Article 38TQVYJZQP1GO9BWJA82DNGU0BCMHV not found.]