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Sentosa Traveling Group /Enjoi Vacation / Phantasi Holiday / Lavender Holiday

Sentosa Traveling Group / Enjoi Vacation / Phantasi Holiday/ Lavender Holiday









A bogus Malaysian travel company, believed to be responsible for numerous travel scams over the past three years, is again tempting recipients with their latest travel brochure to reveal their personal information and pay $3,500 in fees.

On this occasion, consumers have again reported receiving glossy travel brochures, containing two fake scratchie lottery tickets, from one of four different Malaysian travel companies – Enjoi Vacation, Phantasi Holiday, Lavender Holiday or Sentosa Traveling Group. One of the two scratchie tickets contained in the brochure reveals a winning prize of either US$130,000 or $US160,000.

Terms and conditions printed on the ‘scratchies’ state that winners are obliged to provide required information for further verification and pay taxes and other mandatory charges. These conditions are designed to groom the recipient to pay an upfront fee to secure the winnings – a typical example of an advance fee fraud.

This “bold as brass” scam says that to claim the prize, recipients must provide a scanned copy of their passport as well as their bank account details, and pay half of $7,000 in government taxes. This $3,500 has to be sent by wire transfer to agents in Asia before the prize money can be released to the ‘winner’.

Previous Malaysian travel scams have been named by WA ScamNet including Greenery Tourism (in October 2011), Vmac Holiday Group (in July 2011), the EverMas Tourism Group (in September 2010), the Euphoria Travelling Group (in December 2009) and Malaysia Starize Travelling Group (in April 2009).

Our advice to consumers is not to respond to this unwelcome arrival in their mail box and dispose of the brochures and fake scratchie tickets immediately. The lottery is fake, the prize doesn’t exist and recipients will lose their money for no gain whatsoever.

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