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WA Scam Warnings

  • Pet scams: Cute pics but no pet received
    Pet scams: Cute pics but no pet received

    Beware of fake websites and social media accounts that claimed to puppies, leaving buyers out of pocket and without a dog.

  • Fake shipping container websites
    Fake shipping container websites

    WA ScamNet has received a number of reports about fake websites claiming to sell discounted shipping containers that are never delivered after payment is made.

  • The Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin System
    The Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin System

    WA ScamNet is warning consumers about a binary option trading scam called the Bitcoin System.

  • JB Hi-Fi giveaway scam
    JB Hi-Fi giveaway scam

    Scammers posing as electronics retailer JB Hi-Fi are sending SMS messages claiming there is a ‘giveaway’ that expires soon – but be warned, it’s nothing more than a phishing exercise to get hold of your credit card details.  

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Latest WA ScamNet updates

Scam targeting the property industry and its clients

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Property buyers and sellers are being targetted by scammers who send emails appearing to be from legitimate real estate or settlement agents. The emails request money payment or notify of a change in bank account details.


Scammers redirect payments by changing the bank account into one under control of the scammers. Property transactions are prime targets for this scam because of the large amounts of money involved.


More information and how to avoid the scam

Find out more about payment redirection scams in property transactions

Media Statement

'Property settlement payment scam results in a $732,000 loss'


ScamNet Talks

Do you want to know how to spot a scam?


We regularly run presentations to groups about tips on how to spot a scam and what to do if you or someone you know has been targeted by a scammer.


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