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WA Scam Warnings

  • Visdom Investment Management, Chicago
    Visdom Investment Management, Chicago

    Scammers have set up a fake investment company to defraud investors using the name of an investment company based in Hong Kong.

  • Casa Belrina Travel and Dacodion Travel
    Casa Belrina Travel and Dacodion Travel

    A fake travel agency is targeting job-seekers in a ‘money mule’ scam where they are offered employment to receive and transfer funds via their personal bank account.

  • Email threats about video release
    Email threats about video release

    Scammers claim they have created a video of the recipient watching adult content and threaten to send it to their social media contacts if they are not paid a sum of money.

  • Fake barbecue product websites
    Fake barbecue product websites

    Consumers need to be careful about which online retailers they use after at least two cases where people ordered barbecue equipment that never arrived.

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The phenomenon known as catfishing is a uniquely modern one: a single lie, enabled by the cloak of technology that stretches, morphs and multiplies until whole personas are fabricated, emotions are manipulated and hearts are broken.


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