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A brightly coloured (wheel of chance style) wheel with the wheel having stopped  on the win slot ORGG should stand for “outrageous rip-offs guaranteed” because this latest offering from Blacktacos is nothing more than a guaranteed rip-off.

The ORGG letter arrives proclaiming:

“Certificate of Guarantee of Cheque Award”

“It’s official and final: One single and unique winning registration number guarantees you the award of a cheque in the amount of $18,000.

“This unique winning registration number is indeed yours: This constitutes a formal and uncontestable Guarantee.

“Yes, it is indeed to the unique grand winner of the cheque …. that we are required to send the unique sum of $18,000.”

And for $55, you also receive the “Attract Money without Effort” method.

Think you’ve won $18,000? Wrong!!! Read the fine print and you’ll find this is another typical Blacktacos promotion. To read more about Blacktacos, click here.

You haven’t actually won $18,000.

The promotion does have a main prize of $18,000 but the ticket is pre-drawn before the mail out, it’s not drawn from the pool of people who respond to this letter or other versions of this game.

However you will receive the secondary prize called “Gift Cheque Winners” which is actually $100 discount vouchers. It doesn’t say what the discount vouchers are for but it’s probably for some worthless Blacktacos “winning lottery formula” or esoteric product such as the “Miraculous Bark from the Tree of the Makoo”.

Blacktacos are notorious for this sort of mail out. Save your money and buy a lottery ticket that will give you a far better chance of winning than participating in this game. Be on the look out for other versions of this scam.