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LMGC Worldwide Cash Prizes Foundation

LMGC Worldwide Cash Prizes Foundation

Two gold Spanish coins on a white background“Congratulations. You have just been selected as one of the most motivated people amongst tens of thousands who most want to change their life and push luck and the chance to their limits.

“You never lost hope! Well done!”

What Worldwide Cash Prizes Foundation (LMGC) really meant to say was:

“Congratulations. You have just been selected from one of the suckers’ lists to receive a worthless offer that won’t change your life and will only leave you poorer.”

LMGC is one of the scams run by Blacktacos mail order sales company. See our listing for other Blacktacos’ companies.

The LMGC letter is offering participation in an $18,000 prize draw.

To spice up the deal, it is also offering a very rare Viracocha Coin at a cost of $45. Supposedly, the ancient coins were found on an Inca site in Central America and were used by the Inca High Priests to predict the future and the path of the stars. The coins are supposed to bring you wealth and happiness by influencing your ability to make the right decision.

The right decision in this case is to ditch this letter.

Do you really think you will receive an ancient coin for just $45? 

The promotion does have a main prize of $18,000 but the ticket is pre-drawn from a mailing list, it’s not drawn from the pool of people who respond to this letter or other versions of this game!

Be on the lookout for other scams by the black-hearted Blacktacos.