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Princess Diana Universal Promo

Princess Diana Universal Promo

UK law firm Robert W. Soon & Associates are delighted to inform you that you are a beneficiary of the estates of the late Princess Diana, the Princess of Wales.

Princess Diana tragically died in a car crash in 1997.

And more than ten years on, this law firm claims you are a beneficiary and you did not even know that you were related to royalty.

But hang on; the email goes on to say that the law firm are managers of the Princess Diana Universal Promo. The money for this lottery comes from her yearly royalty paid by the British Parliament.

Apparently your email address was attached to a ticket in the lottery and you have won $5 million.

The only problem is the money is held in a US bank.

This is a typical advance fee fraud.

Initially, Robert W. Soon asks for your name, contact details, birth date, and residential and business address.

If you respond, he will string you along with a fund transfer form and then a fund transfer slip showing the money is being deposited into your bank. You will then be asked to pay a transaction fee of US$2,800, which is required by the US Internal Revenue Services. This is a scam.

Our New Zealand counterparts (www.consumeraffairs.govt.nz) have also warned their consumers not to respond to this email.