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Overstock Services Division

Package processing - Overstock Services Division (mail scam)OverstockEnvelope2smlB

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If you receive one of these distinctive pale green envelopes (right) in your mail don’t open it because it’s a scam.

Overstockletter2smlBInstead you should destroy the letter or you can send it to WA ScamNet.

If you’re curious to know what’s inside we’ll explain.

It’s a notification form (left), supposedly from a package handling and care facility called Overstock Services Division in Las Vegas.

The form states that your package is securely on hold to deliver upon confirmation of address. The form will identify you by name and address. We’ve blanked out the consumer details on this one to protect the person’s identity (right). Overstockletter1smlB

It looks very professional and official doesn’t it? All those bar codes, different fonts and colours and the tear-off slip. It even has what looks like a rubber stamp imprint that has been signed, but on close examination it is actually a printed image to give the impression that someone has done this all personally. It just shows mail scams have become more sophisticated.

You’re asked to provide your name and address and a standard shipping rate fee of $30 either by check (that’s the spelling used on the scam mail), money order or cash.

There’s an inspection docket just to add extra authenticity and a reply paid envelope (below).


According to the information provided, your package/shipment will be delivered to your residence when the form is received in Overstock Services Division’s processing facility in the United States.

If you did respond with your details, that information would no doubt be added to a database which scammers use to target people who have previously responded to scams.

If you sent the $30 you would lose your cash and unless you can cancel the cheque or money order then that would be gone too.

This is similar to the Notice of Parcel Claim from Levine & Sadler Limited (LSL) scam.

We’ve made Australia Post aware of this and they aim to intercept the scam mail on our behalf at thier sorting facility at Perth airport. But we know some cards are in circulation across WA.

Consumer Protection is continuing to investigate this particular scam to ascertain more about how it works but in the meantime we thought an early warning was vital.

Please spread the word amongst your friends and family.