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Notice of Parcel Claim from Levine & Sadler Limited (LSL) – Mail scam

Notice of Parcel Claim from Levine & Sadler Limited (LSL) – Mail scam


A fake parcel claim notification, to alert you to $48 worth of jewelry awaiting pick-up, has been turning up in mailboxes in Western Australia.

Australia Post is aware of this and aims to intercept the scam mail on our behalf at its sorting facility at Perth airport, however we know some cards are in circulation across WA.

The official looking white card has an orange and blue border on the front and the words ‘Air Mail’ – it appears to have come from Hong Kong. It tells you to turn over for information on how to release your parcel and says a reply is required in 7 days.

The flipside bears the initials LSL in the top right hand corner with a logo of a flying horse. The text urges you to call the number in bold and pay $10 via credit card.

Do NOT call the phone number on the card because it’s a scam!

According to Australia Post if you call and make a payment you will receive additional cards and money will be repeatedly taken from your credit card. Consumer Protection is carrying out its own investigation into how the scam works.

In the meantime if you get one of these notifications, destroy the card or if you don’t want to throw it in the bin you can post it to WA ScamNet (no stamp required):

WA ScamNet – Consumer Protection
Reply Paid 64772
Locked Bag 100

Alternatively you can report the matter to the ACCC’s SCAMwatch via www.scamwatch.gov.au or by calling 1300 795 995 .

If you or someone you know has already fallen for this scam you should contact your credit card provider immediately and explain.

You can read a warning about this scam on the Australia Post website.

It’s similar to the International Shipping Notification Centre scam named by WA ScamNet previously.