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Gaddafi Millions – Libya Millions

Gaddafi Millions – Libya Millions

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Dr Lihad Al-Muftah – a top official in the former government of Colonel Gaddafi of Libya – needs urgent help to “receive and keep a sum of US$15.5million in Australia”. In exchange for your assistance he’ll give you 25% of the money.

It sounds too good to be true because it is. The scammer hopes curiosity, greed or the fear of missing out will entice you into emailing or faxing back. Don’t communicate in any way with the sender of this bogus fax.

Unlike many written scams the language and spelling in this fax doesn’t have many faults. Indeed the description of a country at war and destabilised due to Colonel Gaddafi’s death, along with the claim that past government associates are moving money out of Libya due to persecution, might come across as plausible.

Several Western Australians have reported this fax to WA ScamNet after receiving a copy at their place of business.

We recognised it for what it was straight away. Partly because of the similarities with the Iraq Millions scam we’ve named and shamed in the past.

Like most of you, we also do a Google search when something looks suspicious and you’ll find 13,500,000 results under ‘Gaddafi scams’ including many posts about this fax version.

We hope our warning is an extra measure to reduce the potential for someone to fall victim.

We’re guessing that anyone who responds to this scam fax is likely to be asked to disclose their bank account details and provide identification which puts them at risk of identity theft. It is also highly likely that the scammers will request some sort of fee to cover the release of the money and that this fee will need to be wire transferred. Wire transfers are difficult to trace and impossible to recover once the funds have been picked up.

Do not to respond to the fax and share this warning with others – you can post it on your social media site of choice by using the icons at the bottom of this page.

WA ScamNet’s general advice is to NEVER:

  • pay money in advance to access funds being offered by a stranger

  • use wire transfer as a payment method if the receiver is not personally known to you

  • reveal personal or secure information, like bank account or credit card details, to unknown parties

  • respond to uninvited ‘too good to be true’ offers received via fax, email, SMS or phone call

Update - February 2013

A scam email (see example below) claiming to be from the second wife of the late Colonel Gaddafi's son has been turning up in people's inboxes. It's got spelling mistakes and dodgy formatting but they are obviously not the only questionable things about it - it's a scam. Hit delete!

From: Aisha Khamis Gaddafi [mailto:akgadaffi@writeme.com]
Sent: Friday, 1 February 2013 4:01 PM

My Dear,

I am Mrs Aisha Khamis Gaddafi the second wife of late Mr Mutassim Gaddafi the commander of Libya's elite Special Forces and the son of Colonel Gaddafi the Libyan leader. I am contacting you to assist me to retrieve the sum of Fifty million USA dollars been deposited in Cote D`Ivoire known as Ivory Coast by my late husband but as we arrived here due to the
political problem during the former rigime of President GbaGbo I ordered the security Company to move the consignment to their affiliate Office in United Kingdom for a safe keeping, so I will give you every of their contact in London for retrieveing of the consignment as the fund was deposited in my name.

As a matter of fact I and my only son and the entire family of my father in-law were trapped in a bunker here in Tripoli after my late husband was captured at Sirte City on 12th of Oct 2011, I managed to sneak out with my son with the help of a security guard on duty that faithful day and crossed us to the border presently I am hiding in Cote D`Ivoire West Africa without any other means of communication except my laptop. I hope to arrange for my traveling out if possible to your country for an investments of this fund and to safe guard my life because I know that the regime of my father in-law has collapse after his death.

Please for your kind assistance I will offer you 25% of the total sum, all the legal documentation concerning the deposited fund are with me, I will only write power of attorney making you the new beneficiary of the deposit so that the security company can release the consignment to you.

Bear in mind that the funds was deposited with the security firm as household effect, therefore you are going to retrieve the consignment as household effect from the security company because they do not know the real content in the trunk box, is only you and I knows the real content.

Once you successfully retrieve this consignment from the security company you will now send to me some money so that we can arrange for our traveling to your country as we will be coming to stay under your kind custody.

May Allah grant you the heart to assist me and my son in this our trial period, please never you abandon me with my son just because we are Arabs, but I want to assure you that I am of a clean heart that was brought up under western education but married to a cruel family.

Get back to me with your details so that we can proceed without delay because lam here without any help from any one.and finally if you have any question regarding this transaction,please contact me. Please note that the confidentiality of this transaction would be highly appreicated.I await your quick reply soonest.Please responding my proposal,and also include your contact details such as:

1)Your Direct Telephone





Thanks and best regards.

Mrs Aisha Khamis Gaddafi.

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