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Zochange Inc

Zochange Inc

A website by any other name – can still rip you off

Consumer Protection has been alerted to a number of fake business websites including:  Zochange Inc and identical sites including West Business Union, Datxo LLC (www.datxo.com) , Travis Business Group (www.travisbg.co) , Grodext Corp (www.grodext.com) and Parker ICG (www.parkericg.com ).

All these supposed businesses and their sites have one thing in common – they are fronts for suspected money laundering and list fake personnel (using the same images and profiles stolen from a range of other sites). If you contact any of these companies there is a strong likelihood that you will be recruited as a money mule, helping these crims to launder their money.

The business names might change, but the message from Consumer Protection is the same. Keep well away from these sites and their dodgy operators. Their promise of joining a legitimate business is as fake as their site - that’s the one thing we can guarantee.