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An amethyst bead bracelet WWW.SRC claims you have won $24,000 and the cheque is awaiting your collection.

“You are truly the sole person entitled to claim the unique cheque of $24,000 by means of your cheque payment order issued in your name,” the letter reads.

Just send $53 to receive your cheque and the “Golden Lotto Grids”. The money covers the transfer of funds, insurance and secured shipping costs.

WWW.SRC (which stands for World Wide Winners Statistics Research Centre) is a trademark of Alpen.

Interestingly, Alpen is also the company behind clairvoyant Emilie Paul. Alpen shares the same Dutch mailing address as clairvoyant Julie Haley (trademark of Calypso). Both Emilie Paul and Julie Haley feature on WA ScamNet.

I’m getting a premonition. Are all these organisations and people one and the same? Why do I need to pay money to receive a prize?

Read the conditions and it all becomes crystal clear. The prizes on offer are the $24,000 or “a piece of valuable jewellery”.

And of course, Alpen reserves the right to postpone, modify or cancel the present operation without compensation to the participants.

WA ScamNet has never heard of anyone winning money in these types of scams. But we can guarantee you’ll start receiving mail from Emilie and Julie – if you aren’t already!