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Ready Riches Contest

Ready Riches Contest

Canadian Ready Riches Contest has great news for you – notification of a $30,000 prize.

 “You are 100% GUARANTEED to receive the $30,000 CASH prize if you have been confirmed as the Grand Prize Winner of this 3-part contest. Your eligibility for the Grand Prize is confirmed as soon as you return the form below,” the letter states.

All you need to do is send a $10 “judging fee”.

Sounds like you have won $30,000. You couldn’t be more wrong!

Don’t be fooled by the official looking letter. The only thing you are guaranteed is to waste your money by entering.

Read the competition rules and you’ll discover that there are at least three competitions you must enter. The organisers will send you optional offers to “increase the amount of cash you may win”. This will cost you up to $110.

The competition does not close until next year (July 31, 2007) and money will not be paid out until December 2007.

It seems a long time to wait to win a small amount of money in an international competition! WA ScamNet has never heard of anyone winning the grand prize in these competitions.

The real intention behind this letter is to confirm your name and address for a mailing list.

Enigma Promotions are the organisers of Ready Riches. In the fine print of the letter, Enigma state that you may be offered other contests and your details are shared with other firms.

It’s a mystery why people fall for these letters!