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Promo Direct Ltd

Promo Direct Ltd

a gold letter slot with mail sticking through it on a white background Promo Direct Ltd, ISS and B&N are masters of the postal scam.

Over the years, they have sent out dozens and dozens of letters under different names – all aimed at getting you to pay good money for useless “get rich quick” schemes and methods, and/or dodgy “esoteric products”.

Would you knowingly spend your hard-earned cash on “Professor Gerrico’s Secret Method for Getting Rich”, “protective bracelet and negative vibe destroyer”, or the “Mega-Max” gambling system?

Of course you wouldn’t and Promo Direct know it.

In order to get you to hand over your cash, they send out colourful letters claiming you have been chosen or are a guaranteed winning recipient of tens of thousands of dollars.

Some letters even claim to come from psychics or self-made millionaires.

The only problem is that you haven’t actually won anything yet.

Promo Direct use the scammers favourite competition method: a pre-draw competition. The winners are pre-selected (from a mailing list) prior to the mail-out and need to respond to win the money. Legitimate competitions are not run this way!!!

But you are a “winner” of a discount voucher for some useless “get-rich-quick” method or esoteric product. One letter even offered a discount on a telepathic appointment. We’d hardly call that a prize!!

The fine print clearly states that the letters do not contain a firm offer and are an “advertising” document to promote the sale of a certain product.

One of the keys to identifying a Promo Direct scam (apart from reading the fine print) is their connection to ISS (Intermail System Services) and more recently B&N.

The letters request that payment be made to their association either ISS or B&N, which is the name that appears on the return address envelope. The current return addresses are from Austria, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Italy but there maybe more.

Another way to identify a Promo Direct scam is by their ludicrous titles. Have a look at these following names:

  • 20S2G - Austria

  • Amy Palmer

  • Association of Specialist Rentiers

  • C.G.P.J.

  • Centre of Administrative Processing for the Awarding of Gains

  • Centre for Remittance of Rewards (CRR)

  • Certif Financial Management - Austria

  • Club of Recognised Financial Success

  • Collins & Partners Practice - Netherlands

  • Commission for the Distribution Of Prizes

  • Committee of Great Multi-Millionaire Investors

  • Company for Gains and Financial Campaigns - Austria

  • Concept for the Federation of Super Finalists

  • Direct Finances Joint Committee

  • Federation of Super Finalists

  • Final Selection of the Great Multi-Gains Operation - Netherlands

  • Foundation Management Fortune

  • Funding for the Awarding of Large Value Gains

  • Fund Transfer Supervisory Commission

  • General Accountancy for Gains & Donations (GAGD)

  • Gladys Holle

  • Independent Bureau for Direct Payments

  • Independent Fund for the Distribution of Unclaimed Wins

  • International Agency Of Great Gains

  • International Centre for Financial Leaders

  • International Committee for Financial Payments

  • International Committee for Transfers to Beneficiaries (CITB)

  • International Fund For Cash Gains

  • International Fund for Cash Gains

  • International Gains Management Group

  • International Group of Financial Transfers

  • International Selection of Gains to be Distributed

  • Master Thien - Consultant in Occult Sciences - Austria

  • Office for the Attribution of Payment of Gains - Austria

  • Official Notices of Receipt of Winnings

  • Organisation for the Management and Distribution of Gains

  • Organisation for the Worldwide Distribution of Gains

  • Organization for the Transfer of Private Funds - Netherlands

  • Private Club of Anonymous Millionaires

  • Prize Distribution Office

  • Professor Marc Stanley Brahms

  • Professor Robert Stanford – Financial Distribution Centre

  • Richard K - Immediate Social Elevation Method

  • Sammy Rich - Special Advisor of Important Accounts

  • Society for the Organisation of Funds Transfer (S.O.F.T.)

  • SR2G - Research of Great Winners

  • Transaction Agreement for the Executory Commission for the Remittance of Funds

  • Validation Centre of Confirmed Gains

  • World Agency for Big Winnings

  • World Record Speed Wins

  • Worldwide Centre of Mathematical Research

  • Great Council of Certified Gains

WA ScamNet will keep you updated on the latest Promo Direct scams landing in your mailbox.