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Organisation Centre of Financial Gain (O.C.F.G)

Organisation Centre of Financial Gain (O.C.F.G)

a pen writing on a checkThe Organisation Centre of Financial Gain (O.C.F.G) should be renamed Organisation Centre of Fraudulent Gains or Scammers Inc.

But even O.C.F.G can’t decide whether it’s a prizes scam or a psychic scam!

The letter states: “A claim collection project recently resulted in an exceptional profit of 47,500 dollars in favour of our Organisation Centre of Financial Gain. Following the last extraordinary meeting held on 22/04/2006, we decided to immediately redistribute this profit.

“This substantial amount of 47,500 dollars will be redistributed in the form of five checks (sic).

“As requested and confirmed by our Executive Committee, I have been commissioned to send you the exact amount of official cheque No. 1, for more than $9,500 within one week!”

The letter then goes on to state that O.C.F.G’s director Robert Marksman has discovered the way of benefiting from “the power of our guardian angels”.

“Those angels saved Mr Robert Marksman and radically changed his life”. Mr Marksman is now offering you one of his “billionaire financier’s secrets” by purchasing “Financial Gains Multiplier” for $45.

You will receive the exact amount of the cheque No. 1, for more than $9,500 within one week, the letter states.

Read the fine print and you’ll discover that “5 officials checks (sic) to be sent in a total amount of 47,000 dollars (sic)” is the name of the game and “the present document does not contain any form offer for claiming the prize.”

It’s actually a sweepstake competition which won’t close until 31 December 2006 with prizes awarded up to four months later.

The fine print states that O.C.F.G is a trademark name belonging to Promo Direct Ltd and the object of the game is to promote the sale of numerological and esoteric (magical) objects. Great!

Be on the look out for other worthless offers from Promo Direct and avoid them at all costs. The return address for this scam is in the Netherlands.