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Opportunities Unlimited Publications Inc

Opportunities Unlimited Publications Inc

A pile of books one open on the topOpportunities Unlimited Publications Inc appears to operate an unlimited number of contests judging by the number of letters forwarded to WA ScamNet by our contributors.

Our contributors are bombarded with letters from Opportunities Unlimited promoting contests like Payday Hayday, Match for Cash, Money Motions, Colossal Cash, Money Bank, and Win a Fortune.

The slick looking letters all advise that you have been selected or nominated to be in the running to win big money by entering their contests. In fact, you are just a name on a mailing list.

The grand prize draws differ with amounts typically between $10,000 to $30,000.

Each contest starts with a simple puzzle and the initial entry fee is relatively low, around $15 USD. 

There will be a number of tiebreaker rounds (up to four) with the puzzles increasing in difficulty and a further nominal cost. You will also be offered bonuses to increase the grand prize amount – always at a cost.

For example, it costs about $25 USD to compete in three rounds of the Payday Hayday which has a grand prize of $10,000 USD and 100 runner-up prizes of $100 USD. However it will cost $140 USD if you pay the bonus fees to increase the TOTAL prize pool to $31,000 USD.

Typically it takes two years or longer from the first mail out of the letters until the prizes are actually paid.

The only question you really need to ask yourself is whether it is worth paying money to enter a contest outside Australia’s jurisdiction, which offers a relatively small prize which will not be awarded for two years. You might be better off trying your luck with Australian Lotto or buying your own puzzle book!

The answer to why Opportunities Unlimited bothers with these silly contests – to confirm your name and address for their mailing list which they hand out to other companies. 

Opportunities Unlimited is affiliated with North American Award Centre and Contest America Publishers.

Return mail address for Opportunities Unlimited is in North Kansas City, Missouri.