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Mega Money

The Mega Money Scam and what to look for:

  • A pile of gold coins and gold bars on a white backgroundIt's based on a "skill test" to win a prize, rather than be seen as a gamble.

  • You must answer a simple question e.g. 12 x 10 - 15 = … or "During which war did Winston Churchill become prime Minister? Tick World War I or World War II" to enter the contest.

  • The scam letter states "Your name has been identified and absolutely confirmed as recipient of the $15,000 Fortune and Fame Contest entry documentation".

  • This means that you have not actually won the money, but that you have been invited to enter the contest at a cost of $12.00 processing fee. You can take up optional offers to enter at an additional cost of up to $225.00.

  • The fine print also has a closing date for the draw, which can be up to three years in advance.

  • Mega Money uses different graphic presentations in letters to consumers, but the content is almost identical.

  • MegaMoney is based in Canada. Some notifications require you to respond to an address in the USA.


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