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Imperial Imports Ltd

Imperial Imports LtdImperial Imports Ltd

Two fountain pens on a white backgroundImperial Imports claims that its official judges have selected you as a "cash award recipient in the US$10,000 Cash Award International Sweepstakes".

The letter goes on to say:

"The cash award is part of a worldwide publicity program to introduce fine products from Imperial Imports Ltd and Winstons of London (our co-sponsor) to a limited group of international customers such as yourself.

"More good news!! You are also the lucky merchandise recipient of a genuine 22 carat gold plated Pen and Pencil set as an optional entitlement."

The pen and pencil set (which is mounted with five genuine Austrian crystals) will set you back US$35 plus US$5 shipping.

But this offer is not worth the paper it is written on. It is just a typical prizes and lotteries scam.

You haven't been especially selected for anything - they got your name off a mailing list.

Yes, there are two US$10,000 prizes and three US$2,500 prizes on offer. But the winners have already been pre-selected and must respond to the letter to claim their prize. If the winners don't respond then we can only assume that Imperial Imports gets to keep the cash!

But the letter is correct when it states that you are a cash award recipient because every person that responds to the letter receives the cash prize of US$1.

Of course the real aim behind this mail out is to flog you the pen set for US$40. Is the pen set really worth the money? We doubt it!

"Winstons of London" is supposed to be a master pen maker but the only Internet references to it are on other scam websites.

The fine print warns that this promotion might be used in different "creative presentations" and that your details may be passed on to other companies. This means that you will get more shoddy merchandise offers like this.

Fortunately you can get your name removed from Imperial Imports mailing list by writing to the company. Just follow the instructions contained within the fine print.