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Euromillions lottery scam

Euromillions lottery scam

Australian money spread out filling the image“Congratulations. Your name was attached to a ticket which drew the Euromillion lucky numbers. You have won EUR 667,248.26 in the second draw category.”

This is the claim being made by letters and emails addressed to Western Australians.

But WA ScamNet can advise that the only thing you have won is a chance to lose big money in an advance fee fraud.

The scammers, often claiming to be Spanish promoters of the European lottery, are of the same ilk as the El Gordo or Nigerian conmen.

They will claim that your name or email address was provided by some organization as part of a promotional program.

The scammers need verification of your identity and ask that you keep your “wins” confidential.

It is all a sham. Do not respond. If you respond, they will start requesting money to verify your claim, transfer the money into an account and so on.