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E-Global Enterprises

E-Global Enterprises

The planet earth on a white backgroundCash, cars, cameras, computers, compact discs, camcorders - E-Global Enterprises claims you qualify for one of these fantastic prizes.

But WA ScamNet believes it's all just a con!

Do you really think that by sending in your $40 or $50 that you will actually receive a new Mercedes Benz C230 or a whiz-bang refrigerator?

What you are more likely to receive is some cheap, low quality product such as jewellery or pen and pencil set which will be worth far less than the money you send.

E-Global sends out various personally addressed letters which look similar to invoices.

The letters may state:

  • Your name has been selected as a cash award recipient in our worldwide publicity award draw. Your urgent response qualifies you for one of the following list of items; or

  • Your property has already been assigned to you and is unconditionally guaranteed to be delivered to you upon fulfilment of the simple order requirements. This is not an award draw, contest or any other game of chance.

Basically, E Global is a mail order company peddling cheap items. Sometimes the letters offer cash prizes in a so-called sweepstakes but it's just a ruse to get you to respond and send your money.

Always read the fine print on these offers - at the very least it will give you a giggle!

E Global has various return mailing addresses including London, and Hicksville and Ronkonkoma in New York.

Interestingly, E Global often offers the same so-called prizes as Crown Imports, also known as Crown Imperial Imports. And surprise, surprise, Crown Imports often uses Hicksville as a return address. Crown Imports send out their offers by mail and email.

Some E Global letters provide information on how to get off their mailing list. Normally WA ScamNet advises against responding to scams because it confirms your address. However some consumers have tried this approach and the mail outs have stopped - for the time being at least! Let us know if it works.

If you have ordered one of these products and are unhappy, ask for a refund. Some consumers have tried this approach and received their money back.