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Carter, Hammond and Pierce

Carter, Hammond and Pierce

Carter Hammond Pierce

Carter, Hammond and Pierce from Canada are holding a portfolio amount worth $1,491,600 addressed to you.

If you send off your $30, all you are likely to receive is a list of lotteries and competitions you can enter.

The CHP letter is all smoke and mirrors. It talks about monies which you are eligible for, not monies you have won.

It tells you not to discuss or show the document to any other person who may intercept your delivery. “Delivery will be confidential, no amount showing $1,491,600 AUD will show on envelope,” it states. 

And it advises: “Please deposit all monies that may be won in fully eligible participatory events in the bank. Do not withdraw cash”.

Send $30 to “authorise transfer immediately of the Guaranteed Entrant Dossier listing prize amounts available in the amount of over ONE MILLION AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS”.

Read the conditions and the scammers’ ruse becomes clearer.

CHP says a courier will send you your “monetary compendium”. A compendium is actually a book containing a collection of useful hints, a selection of different games, or a summary.

CHP then states it has no direct connection with worldwide sponsors and does not assist in entry other than providing information. CHP claims it is only a private compiling and reporting firm.

Read on and it states that worldwide sponsors are solely responsible for their own offers. All monies and/or prizes are guaranteed to be paid by the reported sponsors per their rules. Sponsors may alter promotional offers without CHP’s knowledge.

In plain English, this means CHP will send you a list of competitions you can enter – all for the price of $30. No thanks!

You’ll probably find you are ineligible to enter some competitions. Some prize giveaways are run by legitimate retailers wanting to promote their business. Other competitions are conducted by direct marketing companies to get your personal information for mailing lists. Always ask yourself whether the prize is worth you being on yet another mailing list!

This is the same offer made by 17 other scams operating out of three PO Boxes in Fort Langley, BC, Canada.

A WA consumer, who sent off their money to Carter Hammond and Pierce, received a cheap photocopied booklet listing web-based sweepstake and prize giveaways. The consumer was ineligible to enter the sweepstake offering $1 million but could be in the running to win a bottle of intestinal cleanser! Second prize was $5 off a bottle of intestinal cleanser!

The Fort Langley Mob are: