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CSGF Grand Finalists Select Club

CSGF Grand Finalists Select Club

A hand holding a dirty red football and a large number of Australian $50 notes on a whitebackgroundThe black-hearted Blacktacos is trying to con you out of your money with the N. Kingston method.

The Blacktacos is a mail order sales company behind a number of scams listed on WA ScamNet including Miss Celeste and CDM (Club of the Millionaires).

This is their latest offering under the name CSGF The Grand Finalists’ Select Club. The return mail address is in Holland.

The letter is headed “Payment Form. Non-transferable personal documents” and “Secure Bank Transfer”.

“It has been decided by management to proceed to make a payment of $15,000 to your personal bank account,” the letter states. “You have been declared winner of the grand prize thanks to your winning number of xxxx.

“Not only have you finally won but what’s more, you have won the Grand Prize! This is your first win, isn’t it? I am therefore delighted to tell you that you, as the Grand Winner, have won 15,000 dollars.”

The letter goes on to say that $15,000 is “only a drop in the ocean compared to what you could win if you accept the advice of N. Kingston!”

The only problem is that you haven’t actually won the money, just the chance to enter a competition to win the money. The competition does not close until the end of 2006.

However you are guaranteed to win a secondary prize – a “win amplifier” with a commercial value of $2, according to the fine print. Wow, how generous!

Of course the real aim behind this letter is to get you to pay $50 for the N. Kingston method. Supposedly N. Kingston became a billionaire by winning several lotteries in 24 hours and is now willing to share his secrets with you. Aren’t you lucky!

The N. Kingston method was previously peddled by I.M.M.A (International Institute for Anonymous Billionaires).

Both letters contain the same “Moral charter of members of the Club” which you must adhere to. It includes keeping the N. Kingston method a secret, donating 10 per cent of your winnings to charity, and not using the sums for reprehensible or illegal activities.

It’s a shame that the Blacktacos don’t abide by their own moral charter because scamming money out of innocent people by making false representations is both reprehensible and illegal!