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Bio Sana

An example of a scam letter showing a “winning certificate”.The ‘Winning Certificate’ from Bio Sana certainly gives the strong impression that you’ve won AU$14,000. Just send back the ‘Prize Demand’ to claim your special remittance cheque. 

But, if you read the fine print on the back of the ‘Prize Demand’ form you’ll see it’s a con.

Far from being a winner, you only go in a draw if you fill out the documents to their satisfaction and ‘return them with sufficient postage before the deadline. Most of the cash prizes are for AU$5 and even that doesn’t seem to be guaranteed. There’s only one grand prize of AU$14,000.

If it’s so legitimate why do they say ‘it is not possible to respond to questions about this contest in writing or over the telephone’?

What they’re really trying to do is get you to order their ‘OPC VitalAktiv F’ product. If this substance does all the things they claim, it really is a miracle. Not only does it combat pain, inflammations and cell ageing, it also aids in memory functions, improves vision and makes wrinkles disappear.

They include with the prize draw a confirmation leaflet extolling the virtues of OPC – oligomeric proanthocyanidins – a veritable fountain of youth promising health and vitality past the age of 100.

OPCs are marketed for a wide variety of uses, but as yet, there is no solid evidence that they are effective for any medical condition.

Would you trust a company making these miraculous claims when they’ve been so devious about the prize win?

Think twice about this one.