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BIVR President Bernard Baker apologises for not sending you a cheque worth $103,917.39. Apparently it was refused because of “legislative reasons”.

But Mr Baker assures you, in this letter, that he will dispatch the cheque and your Unlimited Account Subscription within 48 hours if you complete the form and send him $50.

With this subscription, you can turn $103,917 into more than $2 million dollars.

“I can assure you that you have every chance of this sum of $2,078,347.80 appearing on your bank statement within 15 days only!” Mr Baker states. “This is not a joke, I never joke about money.”

That’s funny because we think Mr Baker and BIVR are a joke – a very bad joke!

Is BIVR trying a different spin on the old “the cheque is in the mail” scam? Or are the scammers behind BIVR so contemptuous of their victims that they believe people will fall for any old nonsense?

What on earth does “legislative reasons” mean?

This is a typical prizes and lotteries mail order scam that uses promises of a big cheque to lure you into spending money on worthless merchandise. In this case, you’ll be paying $50 for a useless formula to win money through gambling.

The fine print at the bottom of the page reads: “This message is a commercial proposition with the purpose of promoting the sale of a gaming method by way of a free competition without obligation to purchase whose details are defined in the enclosed regulations.”

And the joke is: there are no enclosed regulations so we have no idea how the competition is run.

Don’t fall for this “the cheque is in the mail” pitch. Spend your money on your own Government controlled Lotto instead if you want to participare in a lottery.