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Dodgy 'back of van' salesmen

Dodgy 'back of van' salesmen

A silver surround sound system

WA consumers are warned not to buy from ‘back of van’ salesmen operating in the Perth metropolitan area and regional WA.

Consumer Protection regularly receives reports that the travelling conmen have been approaching potential customers to try to sell low quality audiovisual equipment at inflated prices from the back of their white van.

WA ScamNet advises consumers to avoid doing business with these dodgy traders.

These travelling conmen normally use high pressure sales techniques to sell cheap electronics at inflated prices, but give the impression that you are getting a bargain.

As well as making misleading claims about the value and quality of the goods being sold, they also create a sense of urgency, saying that the prices are reduced as they have to quit stock for a variety of plausible reasons.

They may also be breaking consumer laws related to unsolicited trading under the Australian Consumer Law, which allow consumers a cooling off period of ten working days for any uninvited sales approach over the value of $100.

Another significant reason not to buy from these traders is in case there is a problem with the purchase. Often you will not have a proof of purchase or an address for to enable to seek a repair, refund or replacement if you have a warranty claim. Our experience is that when receipts are given, they contain fake phone numbers and business details.

Our advice is for consumers to resist “too good to be true” unsolicited approaches from salespeople wanting to make a quick cash sale on items that will not be worth the money you are paying for them.

Consumers who are approached by itinerant tradesmen offering on-the-spot jobs for cash should immediately say no and report them to the travelling conmen national hotline number 1300 133 408 (weekdays 8:30am to 5:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time, Daylight Saving Time). Information such as vehicle registration numbers or business details would be useful.