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Windows 10 email Ransomware warning

win10_pageimageFake Windows 10 update leading to ransomware attack

Beware an email that purports to be from Microsoft offering a Windows 10 installer. The email has a ZIP file attached that contains a RansomWare installer, which when opened will encrypt and lock important files on your computer.

If you receive an email offering a free upgrade to Windows 10, we advise that you delete the email and do not open it or any attachments.

Microsoft does not offer upgrade files via email. Instead, if you are interested in Windows 10 you can register online at the official Microsoft site and the upgrade process will happen automatically on your pc.

Security researchers at Cisco have provided detailed technical information on the attack on their blog, and a video showing the consequences of running the ransomware program. 

Business users should check upgrades with their IT departments (or a trusted IT Company), and not attempt to perform such activities themselves. As always, it is recommended that businesses stay up to date with their security and backup procedures in the event an attach of this nature does occur.

The current Windows 10  attack relies on the user being deceived into running the malware, so if you receive this email you are safe so long as you immediately delete it and do not open any of the attached files.

Page created 10-Aug-2015