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Quik Drop International

Quik Drop International

The Australian money notes spread out in a fanMoney launderers are using the name of the legitimate company QuikDrop to lure you into international fraud.

The scammers are utilising job websites to access people’s resumes and then email them with a job offer at Quik Drop International as an administrative assistant.

The legitimate QuikDrop is a franchise chain of retail stores, which sell goods on behalf of sellers on eBay for a small fee.

The scammers tell prospective jobseekers that they will be required to transfer the proceeds of the sale to the seller – via wire transfer. The successful applicant will be provided with a base salary and commission.

The email uses information contained on the QuikDrop website to hoodwink unsuspecting job seekers into believing they are dealing with the legitimate company.

The scammers even registered an email address of qdrecruit.com to provide an extra touch of authenticity.

This is a money mule scam. The money being transferred has often been stolen from other people’s online back accounts or is the proceeds of fraud.

One WA consumer, who was approached and even provided with an employment contract, was asked to transfer $2245 to Moldova by Western Union wire transfer. He was told to deduct 5% commission for himself. The money supposedly came from the sale of an Omega Quartz watch.

Consumers who have been hoodwinked by money mule scams have had their accounts frozen by their bank investigating the fraud. They also risk prosecution because money laundering is a Federal crime!

If you have responded and accept money into your account, contact your bank immediately.

Always be wary if the job:

  • Requires you to accept payments into your bank account and wire transfer money (via Western Union) to an overseas location; and

  • Pays high salaries or commissions for part-time, home-based work requiring few skills, no background checks or references.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!