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Norden United Limited

Norden United Limited

The swiss flagNote to scammers: If you want to hoodwink people into your illegal money laundering scams then at least proof read your emails.

This one from Norden United Limited is a classic.

Norden claims to be a securities and investment company needing a manager to supervise client transfers.

The only problem is that it starts referring to its customers as “Swiss Invest” clients.

Regular readers of WA ScamNet will know that Swiss Invest were one of the first prolific email money mule scams we reported. Since then, the Swiss Invest email has used a variety of different names but retains the same font, similar wording and template website.

At least Norden has got it partially right when it says: “the big experience and professionalism allows us to prove with a full confidence, that our company is a powerful player on the market of European securities and investments”.

Except it’s not a player on the securities and investments market – it’s a player in the international money laundering racket.

Norden don’t want to employ you, they want to exploit you by recruiting you as a money mule to accept illegally gained money into your bank account.

Often the money has been stolen from other people’s bank accounts via the Internet. Scammers use Trojan and key logging viruses to capture online banking details.

If you receive an unsolicited email advertising a vacant position as a manager offering big commissions to accept funds into your bank account and then transferring (wiring) the money on, then its probably a money mule scam.

Be warned:

  • There are laws against money laundering and you could be prosecuted.

  • The scammers can work for major organised crime syndicates – do you really want to be involved with these people?

If you do get involved and accept money into your bank, immediately contact your bank for assistance.

www.banksafeonline.org.uk/spotting_scams.html is the website for the United Kingdom’s banking industry and provides an up-to-date list of other money mule scams.