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Nations Welfare Foundation

Nations Welfare Foundation

A screen shot of the Nations welfare foundation scam websiteAn old trick in a brand new disguise is starting to infiltrate the inboxes of email accounts and  WA ScamNet fears that some well intentioned people might get themselves into trouble.

Emails from ‘Nations Welfare Foundation’ claiming to be recruiting staff to manage funds to help Russian children suffering from cancer has all the hallmarks of an elaborate money laundering scheme and something to be avoided.

Where there is human suffering there seems to also be someone wanting to take advantage of the situation and of those who might be motivated to help.

These perpetrators state they are recruiting a financial operations manager to move money collected supposedly for young cancer patients in the former USSR and are willing to pay the successful applicant between $500 and $2,000 per week.

Their website www.wlm.at is quite slick and includes emotive photos of children, a convincing organisational profile as well as a downloadable labour contract which could fool people into becoming involved in a swindle.

Claiming to be affiliated with government, the foundation is seeking victims to act as ‘money mules’ to use their own bank accounts to process funds, forwarding amounts collected, less their own commission of 7%.

As well as the obvious risks of being involved in potential money laundering, anyone participating in this fraud also risk their identity being stolen and used.

Anyone receiving this email from ‘Nations WF’ should not reply in any way and instead forward the email to WA ScamNet.