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ANZ refunds phone scam

Recently the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) announced ANZ is to refund $5 million to about 25,000 basic account holders for incorrect charges, including over limit and late payment fees on consumer credit cards and overdrawn fees on visa debit cards. 

The media statement from ASIC advised: ANZ has commenced contacting affected customers to explain the error and reimbursement and intends to complete the remediation process by the end of April 2016. Customers with queries or concerns about this matter should contact ANZ on 13 13 14.

There was no mention of any involvement by ASIC or any Government agency in the refund process because that is not the case.

WA ScamNet at Consumer Protection has had a report of a phone scam where the caller claims to be from the Australian Government, offering an ANZ refund and asking for secure, personal details to process it. If the receiver of the call complies they will likely be asked to pay a fee. 

Fight back!

  • Hang up on anyone calling with a story like this.

  • Remember anyone who phones out of the blue saying they are from an official organisation or Government agency may not be who they say they are. 

  • Do not give any details to someone who has called you unexpectedly. If they are who they say they are, for example your bank or someon associated with your bank, they will know the information already and don't need to ask. 

  • If you do not feel comfortable simply hanging up, take a name and number and end the call. Then carry out some independent research to find the real, true number for that organisation (financial institution, computer technical support company, tax office etc.) and phone them to find out whether they are trying to contact you. The answer is highly likely to be NO because the original call to you was from a scammer. 

  • Feel free to call WA ScamNet on 1300 30 40 54 to help you check it out, BEFORE you give personal details or money!

  • More haste, less speed. Scammers want you to react quickly and not think first.