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Vinci - Seven Pentacles of Happiness

Vinci - Seven Pentacles of Happiness

A pentagram with trees showing different seasons wound into it Vinci, being the kind-hearted necromancer that he is, is going to release the secrets of the Seven Pentacles of Happiness to the first 77 people who reply to his letter, and at least he’s nice enough to be honest and tell you that he’s sent this letter to many, many people around the world.

In fact, Vinci is so nice he even includes a 16 page “Short Scientific Treatise” by Professor Guillaume de Saint Pierre from the Institute of Paranormal Sciences on the influence of the of the 7 Pentacles of Happiness. It’s a pretty interesting read.

Actually the most interesting read of all in this psychic’s presentation is the absolutely miniscule small print on the form you fill out to order your personal Pentacles. It reads:

“GUARANTEES AND INFORMATION: This letter is a commercial offer to which everyone can, of his or her own free will, accept or refuse.”

So really, this letter from Vinci (who quite probably doesn’t actually exist) is nothing more than a sales pitch designed to sell you something that the fine print says the company doesn’t guarantee the success of…

…and at a total cost of $384 or $448, depending on which payment option you choose, it’s an expensive trinket which will end up doing nothing but collecting dust while your hard-earned cash lines someone else’s pockets.