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The Society For Health And Longevity

The Society For Health And Longevity

Psychic clairvoyant letter scam

A woman sitting crossed legged holding a bowl of yogurt in one hand and a bowl of strawberries in the otherWant to turn back the clock so you look, feel and actually are biologically 20 years younger?

Don’t we all?!

But The Society for Health and Longevity in Las Vegas is not the way to go about it, despite how hard they’ll try to convince you they are.

According to their letter they can offer you a health program that will supposedly help prevent and alleviate almost every disease of the human body – from heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s to clogged arteries, high blood pressure, vision problems, chronic fatigue and even weight gain, wrinkles or grey hair. The list goes on…

It’s all thanks to their bio-technicians and lead researcher ‘Scott’ who have found the key to the “internal fountain of youth” after 20 years of research.

No powerful drugs are needed, nor endless hours of exercise. Instead they offer a 5 minute, all-natural, exercise regime that can reduce pain, cure ailments, reverse premature ageing and eliminate the fat magnet.

While the society claims this information is too important to put a price on; they’re going to anyway. It’s all yours on a five CD audio course for $150.

Truth is they can’t verify testimonials for their product; they’re lying about the history of it and the value/standard of what’s on offer.

They go so far as to offer a “full and complete refund anytime…for as long as you live!” (And that they claim will be an extra 15-20 years on your life as a result of buying their CDs).

However, it’s unlikely you’d get your payment back.

We’ve spoken to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in Southern Nevada where The Society for Health and Longevity is supposed to be based. The society is not an accredited publishing company and there have been lots of complaints lodged with the BBB about them – refund or exchange issues are top of the list.

Here’s a free tip, which we can guarantee – throw this letter in the bin without fully reading it and you’ll be saving yourself time and money.

If this all sounds familiar it’s because it’s a copy of the NT Society and Neo Tech Publishing Company previously named by WA ScamNet.

That’s scams for you. They’re usually a reinvented version of a past scheme.