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The NT Society

The NT Society

Nuova Tech SocietyThe Nuova Tech Society, Neo-Tech Society, The NT Society, Neo-Tech Publishing Company Inc and Nuova Tech Publishing Company are one and the same. Same Nevada USA address, same telephone and fax numbers.

The offer commences with an invitation to become a member of an exclusive society that selects a handful of individuals from around the world every seven years to share in their secrets. Their secrets lead to enormous prosperity, love, happiness, and total peace of mind.

Kirsten Hart, from the NT Society, suggests that these secrets can provide you with instant abilities you did not have before, including mind reading, photographic memory, ability to foresee the future and to cure others.

A form included with the letter to fax back to the society states:

“I  _________ feel that something astounding is about to happen in my life.  The Nuova Tech Society has discovered me.  I possess very special and rare traits.  Because of these traits, the Nuova Tech Society is willing to send me their secrets that lead to enormous wealth, love and the most phenomenal abilities, absolutely free!  ……….  Without hesitation, please send me my personally reserved, 56 page, numbered booklet containing the secrets, completely free of charge, today.”

You than receive a 56 page Orientation Booklet “from the Desk of Anonymous” that introduces the “10 second miracle” and suggests that “your life will be transformed virtually overnight into what you have always dreamed of”. 

According to Jeff Hanson, Director of Membership (or Publisher depending on the letter you receive), the second and final instalment is for the Nuova Tech Discovery book (553 pages) or the Neo-Tech World book (7400) pages that contain the secrets.  And it only costs $192.00 or $196.

It takes about 10 seconds to realise that this offer is a scam and will produce no miracles!