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Swiss Institute for Holistic Medicine

Swiss Institute for Holistic Medicine

Of all the scams that have come to ScamNet, the mail out from the Swiss Institute for Holistic Living in Switzerland is close to being the most bizarre.

Reading the scam made our heads spin if not for the underlined and circled text added by the printer but for the stress of reading the sales pitch to work out exactly what the scam involves.

The narrative reads something like this: Mr Berthold von Graatz from the Institute tours India. Mr von Graatz meets a monk. The monk has a deep connection with Mr von Graatz. The monk wants Mr von Graatz to find the chosen one. The chosen one is to receive a sacred and powerful object. The monk does not disclose what the object is. Mr von Graatz does not ask. The recipient of the scam is the ‘chosen one’. As we said, bizarre.

The ‘chosen one’ is not expected to pay a dollar for the sacred and powerful object. It’s gratis, free. Well, kind of except for a small outlay of $75 (credit card, cash or cheque are accepted) to cover shipping, research and telephone costs.

After the consent form is signed and forwarded with the $75, Ms Roswitha Schafer, on behalf of Mr von Graatz, will send recipients the unique, secret and powerful object.  Seems that the letter has been sent to many “chosen ones” so it has gained our attention as a scam.

Despite our best efforts, we are unable to determine what the object actually is. But we know that the unique, secret and powerful object comes with a six-month money back guarantee. Well, Ms Schafer said so on the order form. And that is good enough for us!

Like all good scams, we strongly suggest you shred this and deposit the waste where it belongs: in the bin.