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Spectres of Ill Omen Thwarted by Chrystal's Sceptre

Spectres of Ill Omen Thwarted by Chrystal's Sceptre

Dark blue Tanzanite CrystalEvery now and again a scam comes along which really gets us angry at WA ScamNet, and this is one of those scams. 

“Beware! ... I am worried about what I have seen about you: in a few days from now, an evil force (like a “bird of ill omen”) will swoop down on its “prey” (and you are the prey!!)”

…and this is just the start of the scare tactics that are used in this scam from the TaylorT company in Switzerland. This sort of statement is used to strike fear into those who may recently have experienced some unfortunate event in their lives, or believe in psychic phenomena. As the fear clouds peoples’ rationale, they are lured even further into the scenario by the nine or so pages of a foreboding letter from “Chrystal” and are ultimately led to believe that only the “Sceptre of Atlantis of a Thousand Powers”, which she can make, will save them from the coming misfortune.

However just in case the scare tactics don’t work, “Chrystal” hits readers with the usual sales pitch we’ve all seen over and over again in psychic scams. "Chrystal" claims that the Sceptre of Atlantis will only save you from your impending doom but will also, amongst other things, “enable you to:

1.      Bank a minimum of $1,000,000.00 at Lotto!

2.      Benefit from total happiness!

3.      Protect yourself from hate and jealousy!

4.      Have power over others!

5.      Enjoy wild success in love!”

All this from a wand that costs you only $339! But given that apparently only “Chrystal” can make this wand for you and she’s the one foreseeing these ill omens, this sounds more like extortion than a genuine psychic trying to help a victim of circumstance.

…And when you take into account that 46 Western Australians received identical letters from “Chrystal” with identical predictions, one starts to seriously question the credibility of this so-called psychic, not to mention her morals.