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Sophie Bardot

Sophie Bardot

gold eggSophie Bardot claims to be the world’s only clairvoyant specialised in money-based games of chance.

Sophie’s skills are obviously not up to scratch otherwise she’d know that there are plenty of so-called psychics making similar claims. In fact, WA ScamNet contributors regularly receive letters from so-called gaming wizards peddling lucky lottery grids or booklets.

Sophie Bardot swings into the typical psychic pitch with:

“On reading your name, I could perceive what could only be called an urgent cry for help, as if your life is in danger,” she writes.

“I often have “flashes of clairvoyance”, but this is the first time I heard a cry for help of such magnitude and one concerning you.

“Even as we speak your destiny is in peril, that is to say the success and the success of those you love.”

So how can Sophie free you from this “endless cycle of despair” – by conjuring up your golden numbers?

She will send you your Lotto 7 Golden Grids (made up of your golden numbers) and your “bionic luck activator”. This will result in you winning $77 million on Lotto.  And it will only cost you $48. Of course, it’s imperative that you respond in 48 hours.

The biggest Division One prize pool ever offered by Lotterywest is $32 million so you would have to win twice over to score the $77 million Sophie is promising. Consider your chances!

We reckon you have a better chance of winning Lotto’s Division One prize draw twice than getting anything of value from Sophie. Her promise off a massive win is just a ploy to get you to send her money. You would be better of spending your $48 on buying Lotterywest Lotto tickets where, at the very least, your money will be put to good use helping fellow Western Australians, rather than into the coffers of a professional scammer like Sophie.

This is a typical psychic letter. It has all the elements: doom and gloom, salvation, and urgency. Use your “bulldust luck activator” to ignore this letter.

Be warned, this is only one version of Sophie’s letter, there may be other similar versions.