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Serena, who posts letters from Switzerland and Sweden, varies her offers from threats of dire consequences if you do not act immediately, to promises of fortune, love and success.

Serena’s fine print offers an ‘universal and unconditional guarantee’.  However, the very fine print states that the guarantee is not related to results, just a seven-day cooling off period if you are not satisfied, provided you write back to a specified address. 

Save yourself the postage and don’t respond.

1.  Magic Book Of Transformations

Yes, money, luck and happiness is available if you keep your date with destiny, says Serena.

All you need to do to transmit the powers to obtain wealth, happiness and success is to buy the book for $59 plus $6 postage, or pay $70 for priority treatment.

2.  Spiral Of Absolute Happiness

Serena stopped everything to write to you. Serena talks about September 17 being the day on which everything will change for you. The spiral is a Talisman whose symbol is a promise of happiness, money, luck and love.

The spiral costs the same as the book.

3.  Omega Anti-Power

Apparently Serena can also save you from disastrous consequences. Serena has the answer in an envelope but you must return the ‘Secret Procedure’ label to her to be used as a para-psychic sensor.

Serena can then analyse the evil waves and break the spells, then perform a mission for the in-depth psycho-astral magnetising of your soul.  You will immediately feel positive charges; your sadness will evaporate; and your aura will burn like a thousand lamps.

Try understanding that!

Attach the label to the Title for Acquisition of the Omega anti-power and send it back together with $61 plus $7 postage or $74 for priority treatment.

Serena seems to have a few letters about.  If you respond, you can probably look forward to a letterbox full of similar offers.