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Senora Diaz - Swiss Clairvoyant

Senora Diaz - Swiss Clairvoyant

An amethyst pendant in the shape of an octagon Ms Diaz sends what looks like a hand written note telling you how worried she has been about you and wants to know why you haven't used the cheque for $1,000 she sent  you plus the offer of an "irrevocable prize certificate valued at $14,000".

Of course there is no cheque or prize, just a load of VERY fine print novelly printed on the inside of the envelope.

What you are actually getting if you are silly enough to respond is a "magical octagonal talisman" and a "money plus receptor" for just $70. Both are rubbish.

Senora Diaz needs to stop worrying about you and start worrying about herself as more and more consumers send her phoney offer to WA ScamNet.