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Sara Freder

A pottery astrological circle marking the passage of the zodiac signs in gold and blueSara Freder uses the hook of a free horoscope email to get you in, then harasses you for her paid services and can even take money out of your bank account.

Proclaiming to be the greatest clairvoyant of this time, Mrs Freder claims her horoscope will help resolve urgent romantic or financial issues, and as a further bonus she will also provide you with your lucky numbers.

In poor English, Mrs Freder’s website intones she is “the clairvoyant of celebrities, politicians and big names in sport.”

However, contrary to her celebrity pull, she prefers to use her “exceptional gifts” to help the poor in “bad times.”

Testimonials claim overnight financial windfalls, personal change and fulfilment. Disturbingly, the displayed photos don’t match the testimonials.

Once you have received your free horoscope you are then invited to pay for a weekly horoscope subscription.

Be careful. The payment options are not secure and unauthorised withdrawals can occur.

Even if you don’t elect to pay, once you have given Mrs Freder your email address, you will likely receive lots of other scam mail.

As well as offering you prophetic horoscopes, Mrs Freder also offers to sell a range of alleged discounted products including the magical photo of Sara Freder, as well as magical medallions and powders.