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Sandra Rochefort

Sandra Rochefort

A pupil and blue iris on a white backgroundHave you ever wanted good fortune, money, happiness and a youthful glow?  This is close to everyone’s dream but Sandra Rochefort claims she has some divine powers to help you achieve this.

Sandra’s computer mail merge must be working overtime with the attempts she makes to personalise these letters. 

She writes “Great Destiny, the bringer of multiple sources of Happiness is going to transform your life….immediately!”  If that’s the case you don’t really need her help.

Sandra professes to have supernatural powers handed down through generations of her family.  Her letter and brochure tell you that she has had a premonition about you and she knows how to help you achieve your dreams. 

She claims that she will be able to give you the three unique powers that will ‘inevitably grant’ your seven most secret wishes. 

Plus she allegedly has the ability to give you a cosmic facelift to bestow you with extra youth and charm, something that according to her can only happen once every 15 years.  Bless her for trying to make the world more attractive.

But apparently your destiny has a time-line.  You have only 21 days for your three ‘turbo max sensor activators’ and eight days for a ‘cosmic rejuvenation’. 

She includes testimonials from previous clients, which may be false.  If you searched for her name on the Internet you can find a list of angry consumers who have paid their ‘contribution’ and have received nothing. 

Beware – there is a catch!  Sandra will only bless you with these supposed powers if you pay her $44.  A modest contribution in her eyes, a waste of money in ours. 

She also writes, “Dear (your name), I also know that you do not easily believe people who make you wonderful promises just to take money from you.  This money which you have so much trouble earning and keeping.  And you are right to mistrust them”.  She has a point.  

Don’t be fooled by her trickery, especially if it is just a computer inserting your name in key spots through the letter.  Save your money and invest in your own future.