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Research Group Concerning the Miracles of Lourdes

Research Group Concerning the Miracles of Lourdes

A gold cross on a chainYou have been ‘chosen’ to wear the miraculous cross of Lourdes for FREE, ….provided you pay $35 of course!

Oh dear, another cheap trinket that supposedly has magical powers and will change your life forever.

If only.

We all would like something or someone to come into our lives and make things better without us having to try very hard ourselves. The people behind scams know it. ….and they play on it.

But WA ScamNet has seen this kind of operation again and again, and they all look the same and use the same tricks against you.

Paperwork made to look ‘official’, with crests and stamps and signatures of apparently important people.

Then there are the testimonials from Richard (68) or Maria (32) or Jocelyne (52) telling you how the cross has miraculously saved them or changed their lives. Richard who? We don’t know. Is he a real person? We don’t know. There is no surname given or any details to allow us to verify whether Richard is real or not.

The ‘researcher’, described as a ‘sworn reporter’ (and what exactly is a ‘sworn’ reporter?), who assures you that they too were sceptical until they looked into the cross’s powers. But who is this person? How do we know this person even exists? We don’t, and that’s the problem.

Sound suspicious to you? It should. These are some of the oldest tricks in the scammer’s book and they are designed to trick you into thinking that other people have bought the cross and experienced good luck because of it and that it has some kind of official backup or research behind it.

The only luck associated with this scam will go to the people who get YOUR money for a cheap and tacky piece of jewellery with a bogus story behind it (and a small bottle of water supposedly from Lourdes).

Put your money in the bank.