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Great mystical clairvoyant and international renowned diviner Rebecca was in the process of working with her divining rods on a big investment project for a businessman when . . .  she came into instant telepathic contact with you. Fantastic … you are a lucky person or maybe not.

That is the start of this letter sent to WA ScamNet contributors.Rebecca is not shy of singing her own praises. She claims she has done a scientific study on people she has helped and all experienced positive changes in their life:

  • 42% became famous;

  • 93% found fortune;

  • 97% experienced a distinct improvement in their financial position in the first few months;

  • 77% found love.

And now it is your turn. Send Rebecca $65 ($70 for priority post) and she will send you her magnetising divining rods and personalised instruction booklet.Interestingly, another psychic Rachel (also featured in WA ScamNet) has the same mailing address as Rebecca. It doesn’t take a divining rod to know that if you respond to Rebecca’s offer, you will soon get a letter from Rachel – if you haven’t already got one!