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A photograph of the moon with a ring of white light around it set in a blue night sky Your astral sky is about to enter into the Black Moon, warns Radia, priestess of the candles of power.

“Not only will luck leave you, but everything that you are going to undertake will come to nothing. You will suddenly set off a chain of negative events which when all of them are put together are going to make you brood even more,” she writes.

“The black moon is a poison to your life. To cure it, you absolutely have to buy the antidote within 24 hours. This is not advice but an EMERGENCY!!!”

With this antidote, you will win $7 million on the Lotto and $20 million at any game you choose.

So what is the antidote – candles!

Radia claims to be a world famous specialist in telepathic and spiritual contact.

Radia must be pretty good because, judging by the sepia-tone photograph on the letter, she is currently channelling a 1920s movie starlet complete with pencil thin eyebrows and blonde bob-cut. Either that or Radia badly needs a modern makeover!

This silent movie wannabe will personally do a cosmic intervention which will cost you $48, $64, $80, or $95.  Isn’t it nice that Radia has given you a choice about how much money she will con out of you?

Personally we think that even $48 is a lot to pay for a candle and some mumbo jumbo made up by the people behind the Radia scam.

Of course, Radia is not real. The letter states that the photograph is not contractually binding. So why would you believe any of this rubbish?

Don’t let the prophecies of doom and gloom scare you. This is a mass mail-out letter from Switzerland.