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Dozens of WA ScamNet contributors have received personally addressed letters from Rachel stating they are “one of three people” to receive this year’s prosperity and fortune.

Hang on, how can dozens of people receive a letter saying they are one of “three and only three people”….

Rachel maintains she has just returned from the “Great Assembly” of druids, clairvoyants and extra-gifted mediums in Brittany.

The “Great Assembly” to celebrate the extraordinary ritual of Lunasad is held in the Forrest of Nemeton, which can only be reached by following a luminous path, invisible to the non-initiated.

Hundreds of mediums and druids form a circle around a great fire (surprise, surprise) to conjure up the spirit of the all-powerful “Doyen of the Druids”.

The Doyen read out three names and decided “you” were deserving of $415,000.

But to find out how and when you will receive your cheque of $415,000, you must purchase the “Oracle of OGHAM” for $42.

Would you trust your credit card details to a woman who can’t count?

We suggest that the only conjuring taking place is how to conjure up a great scam to rob you of your money.

We also wonder whether great mystical clairvoyant and internationally renowned diviner Rebecca (also featured on WA ScamNet) was part of the circle of druids and mediums because the two share the same mailing address in Switzerland.

If you reply to this letter, you will undoubtedly receive more time wasting offers from Rachel, Rebecca and others.