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Peter Popoff

Peter Popoff

An illuminated manuscript style drawing of an angel in a yellow archwayThe phoney prophet who profits, disgraced US televangelist Peter Popoff, is back peddling false promises for cash.

Popoff was a popular evangelist in the 1980s before the truth behind his miracles was exposed on US TV, resulting in his bankruptcy in 1987.

During his appearances at ministry conventions in the 1980s, he accurately stated the home addresses and specific illnesses of his audience members.

However it wasn’t his “God given ability” that allowed him to make these divine revelations. It was his wife who quizzed audience members before the show and provided Popoff with the information via a radio transmitter while he was on stage.

His shows also featured audience members who were brought on stage in wheelchairs and then rose dramatically to walk without support. What the TV audience didn’t know was that the wheelchairs were used to seat people who could already walk!

Popoff resurrected his “ministry” in 2005 by buying time on US television to promote his “Miracle Spring Water” as a “point of contact” for divine healing. He began using his old stage tricks and was again exposed on television in 2007.

But this hasn’t stopped Popoff from seeking donations for God, via letters, for Popoff’s “miracle manna cakes”, “Golden Miracle Angel Coins” and “Secret Healing Touch Envelope”. He now likes to call himself Prophet Peter Popoff.

In one letter, he claims you have been “attacked by wave after wave of Satan’s assaults” however, through his God-given “divine insight”, he can see that you are destined for a future of success, wealth and good fortune. He starts another letter with “Dear Member of the 112 Team of God’s Potential Millionaires”.

Of course, he doesn’t ask for money for himself. Oh no, “God is requesting an obedience offering” and the more you give, the more God will love you. He also calls it to “prove God” with an offering – whatever that means.

Take this sentence for example: “God just spoke to me that if you will obey God with a double portion prove God offering of $38 by faith, we can claim a 1000 fold return. See Isaiah 1:19.”

This sounds all too familiar. Normally, this type of rubbish is penned by fake psychics who tap into people’s vulnerabilities by offering false hope and useless trinkets in return for money. This leaves us no choice but to put Peter Popoff in the “psychic scam” category.

There is nothing more evil than using people’s faith to line your own pockets!