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Olivia Roy's "Future Newspaper" prize announcement

Olivia Roy's "Future Newspaper" prize announcement

A folded newspaperThe incredible Olivia Roy, a clairvoyant of Lausanne in Switzerland, sent a bunch of our loyal WA ScamNet contributors the front pages of a future newspaper. Each had the headline naming that person as the winner of more than 30 million dollars.

"More than $30 million for you and only you!!!"  Absolutely unbelievable!

"This is better than certain. It's 100% definite. A HUGE WELL DONE. I'm so happy for you !"

 In return for only $44, Ms Roy will send you the number needed for you to win that 100% definite $30,976, 685.60.

We think it is just amazing! WA ScamNet contributors lucky enough to be approached by the clairvoyant with news of their future winnings, were also lucky enough to receive information soon afterwards about big prizes, for a fee, in competitions they did not enter! Who would believe it?

Who would believe their luck?