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Nostradamus Research Centre

Nostradamus Research Centre

A pink crystal ball on a gold standFrom the Nostradamus Research Centre of Ronkonkoma, New York...

Dear Friend

You are a very special person to us. We have discovered that the famous prophet NOSTRADAMUS had written something specifically about YOU that can help PREDICT YOUR FUTURE.


Will World War III Begin in you lifetime?

Will you be rich? Live to 90 years old?
Stay happy in your marriage? Will you live or die?

Wouldn't you like to know what NOSTRADAMUS says about YOU? Such as...

  • When a huge amount of money will be delivered to you by doing absolutely nothing?

  • Where will your beautiful new house and car be located?

Well. It's like this. Send $20 cash, cheque, money order or by credit card to Nostradamus. His Guardians of the Oracle will numerologically match one of the Nostradamus' quatrains (four lines in rhyming French) to you and send you a copy. The quatrain will tell you about the millions (or even billions) of dollars Nostradamus knew was waiting JUST FOR YOU.

We can safely predict that the Dear Friends who send $20 to Nostradamus will not have $20. We further predict that they will get lots of mail saying that, for various fees, they can find out if they have already won prizes in overseas lotteries they have not entered. Just amazing!

Funny how Nostradamus and his Oracles didn't predict how so many of their Dear Friends would react to a combination of fear and greed - by sending their special invitation to WA ScamNet.