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Monica Goldstein

Monica Goldstein

Poor Monica Goldstein. She claims her husband has just passed away from a long illness, leaving behind a revolutionary mathematical formula.

Her husband Christopher worked on developing this formula for years, despite his crushing pain.

The formula is the key to picking the winning lottery numbers in advance.

Three days before he died, he asked Monica to play the lottery, using a set of numbers he provided. And yes, the numbers won!

But this good-hearted soul not only wanted to make sure his wife and three children lived out their lives in comfort, he also wanted to enrich the lives of others.

According to Monica, her husband made out a list of people he wanted to help by giving them his revolutionary formula – and your name was on that list!

Now she wants to bring his plan to fruition. She has used her lottery winnings to establish a “foundation” to help people (by providing them with their lucky numbers). Now she just needs a few thousand dollars to complete the project.

You can buy the lucky numbers from her for between $50 and $75. You will win between $50,000 and $5 million or she will refund your money.

She will even throw in a few good luck charms made by her great friend, Sylvia, the clairvoyant.

This pathetic letter is a load of codswallop!

Why does she need to charge you money if she can use the formula to win up to $5 million herself?

With $5 million, she could set up a real charity foundation and help the needy rather than scam money off people.

The reason she is chasing you for money is that the formula doesn’t work!

Her guarantee of success is just as worthless. The fine print clearly states: “This message is a commercial proposition ….. we cannot be held to any “obligation of results”.”

This is a typical psychic scam. Don’t waste your money on this rubbish!