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Miss Malinda

Miss Malinda

A pottery astrological circle marking the passage of the zodiac signs in gold and blueClairvoyant, spiritualist, numerologist  and renowned international expert Miss Malinda has a $37,800 cheque made out in your name.

Miss Malinda repeats this assertion several times saying “yes… you really have won the Super jackpot! The special donation cheque of $37,800 is now exclusively yours” and so on.

Apparently she received a letter from somebody you know who claims you are very courageous and truly deserved help.

Miss Malinda can help you because a former client Mrs Lisa Burton walked into her office yesterday and handed her three cheques to give to three deserving people.

Now Mrs Burton was in the same situation as you before Miss Malinda used her “magnetic” intervention to help her win $294,800 on the lottery.

Miss Malinda also wants to send you your “Complete and Confidential Personal Lunar Revolution Astrological Forecast” which will bring you luck, money and everything you need for complete happiness. The cost is $53.

Sounds wonderful until you read the conditions, sneakily printed on the inside of the envelope containing your letter.

“The clear aim of this game is to promote the sales of an esoteric product named Complete and Confidential Personal Lunar Astrology Forecast,” it reads.

Only one person (not three) can win the grand prize of $37,800 (paid in 10 monthly instalments of $3,780) or “a valuable item of jewellery selected subject to the irrevocable decision of the trademark Miss Malinda”.

You may receive other similar offers using different names and themes.

“This document is an enhanced advertisement. Miss Malinda would like to remind you that this document contains no firm offer”.

But what about the guarantee that states: “Miss Malinda’s predictions and services are fully guaranteed …..the cheque you have won is definitely yours”?

Oops, the fine print underneath the guarantee states: “by the very nature of this offer, for which the user’s belief in success is essential, and by legal decree, we are not bound to any “guarantee of results”.

Need we say more? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.