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Miss Celeste

Miss Celeste

A gold sun charm on a gold chain on a white backgroundMiss Celeste from Holland claims to be an authentic clairvoyant and “specialist in desperate cases”.

The only thing that Miss Celeste is a specialist in is deception.

Miss Celeste sends you a letter claiming you are the winner of $22,500 and she guarantees “you will be sent a cheque for $22,500 in your name.”

For the “tiny sum of $50” you will also receive her “great secret wish amplifier, divinor” and a “fabulous magic necklace”.

She writes: “After studying your file closely, I could not remain insensitive to everything that has been happening to you since your birth, and that continues to overwhelm you today. All your distress and disillusionment has touched me deeply, to the point of tears…

“To end this negative spiral that is killing you little by little once and for all, I immediately decided to offer you the kind of help that will surpass all your greatest expectations.”

The only kind of help that you will receive from the despicable Miss Celeste is help to lighten your wallet of money and overload your mailbox with other similar worthless offers.

Actually Miss Celeste does not exist – she is only a trade name belonging to Blacktacos mail order sales company. And that’s not the only deception involved in this letter.

Read the fine print and you’ll find that you haven’t won $22,500 despite the assurances. Instead your name will go in to a draw for the $22,500 which closes in December – if it gets drawn at all. You see Blacktacos reserves the right to cancel the game.

The bad news is that all winners, and that includes you, are guaranteed to receive secondary prizes. The secondary prizes, called “super prize” or “cheques in dollars”, are discount vouchers worth $76.

Blacktacos state that the main aim of the game is the promotion of the “divinor”.

We say the main aim of the game is to con you out of your hard earned cash through deception.