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A brightly burning fire on a white backgroundMikael

The permanent members of the Supreme Council of 12 is warning you of dire consequences if you do not respond to the letter written by Mikael.

Mikael is the Spirit Master and Great Wise Man in the Council of 12.

Mikael claims that you are in a period of exceptional luck that will change your life and bring an end to eternal financial problems that poison your life.

To take advantage of this great period, the council will convene an urgent meeting to perform the “Great Secret Ritual of the Red Flame”.

Mikael writes that: “The harmful waves that surround you will be eliminated once and for all and the bad luck that hounds you relentlessly, without your (sic) even being aware of it, will be completely neutralised.”

The ritual will mean you will no longer “fear occult manipulations or the evil eye” and will have “a powerful shield around” you.

And it will only cost you $174 by cheque or international money order.

Mikael claims that if you ignore this letter, you will be “playing with fire” and he can only assume that an ill-intentioned person must have sown seeds of doubt in your mind. “We want to help you avoid making a serious mistake,” he writes.

WA ScamNet advises that you will be making a very serious mistake by responding to this letter.

This is a typical psychic scam letter. Mikael (we doubt that such a person exists) does not know you personally. He has got your name from a mailing list. You are just one of the hundreds of thousands of people who have received the same letter.

Do not fall for this sham. If you respond and send off your money, the only thing you will receive is more psychic scam letters.